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  • School of Translational Information Technologies Head Alexander Boukhanovsky Named Dean of the Year

    Results of the national award Dean of the Year were recently announced at the Professor Forum, which came to a close in Moscow on November 19, 2020.


  • Scientists Explain Why Paradise State Is Hard to Reach

    Authors of a paper on social relations’ modelling have adapted the popular model of human interaction in a society by adding individual preferences. According to the initial theory, human relations may reach a “paradise state” at some point. However, the new model contradicts this idea.


  • Summer Well Spent: IT Internships for Students

    Top seven internships in IT companies and major banks: how to apply and put the summer season to good use.


  • ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies Launches a Contest for the Best Model of Commercialization of Innovative Technologies

    The fate of an innovative invention famously depends not only on the talent and abilities of its creators. For a new technology to get traction on the market, it has to be promoted in the right way – and this is the task for managers, not inventors. Recently, ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies has launched a contest for the development of a commercialization program for its products and services. Applications are accepted until the end of May, and everyone can submit theirs – winners are to get money prizes and collaboration offers. 


  • ITMO University Scientists Create App to Calculate COVID-19 Infection Risks Based on Human Behavior

    During the current coronavirus pandemic, even leaving one’s home is always a risk. Each time, people are faced with a dilemma: going to the store or ordering delivery? Taking the subway or walking to work? ITMO University researchers have developed an application that demonstrates how tightening or loosening self-isolation and quarantine measures would have an effect on the infection rates in various countries. This project is a part of a larger initiative on the modeling of social processes in the conditions of a pandemic.


  • ITMO University and Siemens Launch Joint Research Lab

    A joint Siemens-ITMO University research lab has been launched in St. Petersburg. Its goal will be to develop unique industry solutions based on systemic AI using the methods of machine learning, big data analysis, and cognitive technologies for applications in economics and the social sector.


  • ITMO Students About Hackathon at National Center for Cognitive Technologies

    How to determine users’ gender based on the data garnered via social media websites? How to process meteorological data? How to predict and manage customer outflow with the use of email marketing services? These and other questions were tackled at an interdisciplinary hackathon hosted by the National Center for Cognitive Technologies. Any ITMO University student could take part in the competition. The only condition for participation was a willingness to learn more about artificial intelligence.


  • National Center for Cognitive Technologies Staff on Connecting Education, Research and Industry

    ITMO University has recently hosted a scientific seminar of the National Center for Cognitive Technologies. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Anna Lutsenko, the Deputy Director of eScience Research Institute, and Klavdiya Bochenina, an associate professor at the Institute of Design & Urban Studies, about the Center’s development plans.


  • ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies Holds its First Session

    The first session of the National Center for Cognitive Technologies has taken place at ITMO University. Over the course of two days, participants, including hi-tech companies, universities, regulatory bodies, and various foundations, discussed the future of technological development, the infrastructure of cognitive research and specialist training. The session aimed to produce a set of practice-oriented strategies for the Center’s future operations.