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  • Scientists Demonstrate New Opportunities for Controlling Light in Optical Graphene

    This will help scientists and engineers to better understand the properties of light propagating in materials with a hexagonal structure, and use this knowledge in fundamental research and the development of optical devices. Physicists from ITMO took part in this research.  The article was published in Nature Photonics. 


  • International Team of Scientists Discover New Phenomenon in Topological Physics

    While doing research on photonic topological insulators, an international team of scientists including physicists from ITMO University succeeded in providing an experimental proof of models that were only theoretically described before, as well as discovering a completely new phenomenon. This work, which received partial support from the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, opens a new field in the research of topological insulators and can potentially help create highly efficient microelectronic devices. The article was published in Nature Photonics.


  • Scientists Develop World’s First Photonic Quadrupolar Topological Insulator

    An international team of scientists from Russia and the USA that includes researchers from ITMO University presented the world’s first photonic quadrupolar topological insulator. As opposed to the existing two-dimensional topological insulators, these new structures have only recently started to be researched. In the future, this research can open the way to the creation of new reliable traditional and quantum-optical devices with a higher-order topological defense, as well as topologically protected sources of classical and quantum light. The research was conducted with support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and published in Nature Photonics. 


  • Scientists Describe Universal Way of Compressing and Stopping Light for Ultrafast Optical Data Transmission

    An international group of scientists which includes an ITMO researcher has published in one of the world’s leading science journals a paper dedicated to the controlled change of the speed and spectrum of a light signal. In their work, the researchers summed up the data from past experiments and theoretical studies to pave the way for the creation of new devices for high-speed data transfer. The article was featured in Nature Photonics.


  • ITMO Scientists’ Research Featured by Nature Photonics

    Nature Photonics publishes reviews of the discoveries that haven’t been written about by the Nature Publishing Group, but, according to the editors, deserve to be highlighted. Recently, an article written by the staff of ITMO University’s Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnologies was featured on the list. ITMO.NEWS talked to the head of the laboratory, Anton Tsypkin, about how the discovery was made and what opportunities Nature’s acknowledgment brings. 


  • Chief Editor of Nature Photonics Oliver Graydon on Russian Science, Researcher’s Path and Ways to Start Publishing in World’s Leading Journals

    For over ten years now, Oliver Graydon has been working as the Chief Editor of Nature Photonics, the most prestigious international journal specializing in original research in the field of optics and photonics. The expert has recently visited ITMO University, where he attended the laboratories of the International Research Center of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, learned more about the work done by the university’s young scientists, and participated in a tour of the Museum of Optics. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Oliver Graydon talked about how Russian science has been changing in the recent years and what surprised him most in St. Petersburg, and also gave advice to young researchers wishing to start publishing in major science journals. 


  • Life in World of Resonances

    Half a century ago, an Italian physicist Ugo Fano published a paper where he described a type of resonance with a distinctive asymmetrical profile which emerges as a result of an interference of two wave processes. Many years later, his research became one of the most cited articles of the 20th century. Recently, scientists from ITMO University, Ioffe Institute and the Australian National University Mikhail F. Limonov, Mikhail V. Rybin, Alexander N. Poddubny and Yuri S. Kivshar published a review of the problems and accomplishments of using the Fano effect in modern photonics in the Nature Photonics magazine. Mr. Limonov shared about the review and possible applications of the Fano resonance in an interview to ITMO.NEWS.


  • International Team Proposes New 3D Topological Insulator Design

    Research in the field of topological insulators is most promising, as it has a wide range of applications. An international research team that includes scientists from ITMO University has recently described the physics of 3D topological insulators in an article published in the Nature Photonics journal. In such systems, photons start to behave as electrons, thus acquiring unique properties. Such systems have great potential for practical application in development of optical chips, stable multichannel communication systems and other optical electronic systems.