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  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Gardens & Greenhouses

    From fragrant blooms to lush vegetation, these hidden gems have everything you need to enjoy the greens and colors of summer all year round.


  • Top Free Outdoor Summer Spaces in St. Petersburg

    Outdoor season is a big deal for St. Petersburg residents. As temperature gets higher and days – seemingly endless due to white nights, St. Petersburg turns into an outdoorsy city with quite a few lively public spaces and cozy terraces. From our weekly digests’ frequenters to freshly-opened locations, here’s where all the locals will hang out this summer.


  • A Secret Guide to Pushkin

    The next stop on our tour around St. Petersburg’s former royal residences is Pushkin – the town of a prominent poet, French and English gardens, and the mysterious Amber Room.


  • A Secret Guide to Pavlovsk

    Quaint, green, picturesque, and just an hour away from the city, Pavlovsk is one of the most popular destinations in suburban St. Petersburg. From its remarkable railway station to the far reaches of the beautiful park, the town is a true treasure trove of cultural sites and heritage.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Unusual Museums You Should Absolutely Visit

    In case you’ve already crossed the Kunstkamera, the Grand Maket Rossiya, and the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines off your list of must-see places in St. Pete, here are some other quirky and unusual museums to leave you dazzled, impressed, and even a bit hungry.


  • Places to See: Cathedrals, Churches, and Temples of St. Petersburg

    Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the St. Isaac’s, Kazan, and Peter and Paul cathedrals – these are all names familiar to anyone who’s even barely begun exploring St. Petersburg. But look beyond the go-to tourist spots and you’ll discover a kaleidoscope of churches and temples that illustrate the city’s rich heritage as a capital of the Russian Empire. Here are some of St. Petersburg’s lesser-known, but still no less remarkable, cathedrals, temples, and churches for you to check out.


  • Places to See: Libraries of St. Petersburg

    Ah, the library. It’s where we work, study, and relax. Perhaps unjustly forgotten in today’s digital age, libraries are still a valuable source of learning and entertainment – if you only let yourself discover it. As the birthplace of Russian science and the nation’s “cultural capital”, St. Petersburg has a special relationship with these temples of knowledge. Here are the city’s best spots where you can see that for yourself:


  • Places to See: Modern and Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is renowned around the world for its centuries-old cathedrals, palaces, museums, and the rich variety of antique art that they contain. But when it comes to modern and contemporary examples, the city offers everyone – from laymen to experts – plenty of opportunities to experience a different point of view.