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  • Scientists Optimize Growing Neurons from Stem Cells Using Machine Learning and Robots

    A UK scientist and a PhD student from ITMO University’s Machine Learning Lab have created a robot that automates biological experiments. The invention will make it possible to train an algorithm for controlling the growth of neurons from stem cells. Going forward, the project’s authors plan to generate circuits from neurons grown that way. 


  • We Made It in the Spirit of Apple: Former ITMO Student on Revolutionary Translator App

    Arseny Kogan studied applied informatics and mathematics at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. His rocketing career meant that he had to leave university before graduation. His team is currently working on Graspp, an app tailor-made for reading books in a foreign language. To translate a word in this app, you only need to point at it with your finger. This unusual app is already getting publicity in the Russian media, and was featured by the App Store.


  • ITMO Master’s Student Creates Software to Settle Controversial Moments in Hockey

    Dmitry Kukin, a Master’s student from ITMO’s program in Multimedia Technologies, Design and Usability, works at INTV, a company specializing in developing software and TV equipment for recording and broadcasting of sports events, as well as the graphics side of livestreams and stadium screens. As an employee of the company, Dmitry has been working on a project called Meteora-Referee, which will function as a video goal system. ITMO.NEWS asked Dmitry about the project and the current stage of its development. 


  • Workshop by Digital Design Company: How To Win Over Investors and Present Your Idea

    ITMO’s Career Services Center hosted an online meeting on how to present a project to investors and superiors. Two representatives of the company Digital Design, Vladimir Stekolschikov and Anastasia Krylova, shared their insights on the matter. They both work at a special department, the Design Bureau, which handles the development and promotion of new solutions inside the company. Read on to learn all about how best to present your idea, what to highlight in your presentation, and how to develop your hypothesis. 


  • R&D Projects Competition Winners On Their Creations and University Support

    In late March, the results of ITMO’s practice-oriented R&D projects competition were announced. A total of 25 participants presented their ideas with only 10 getting grants from the University. These grants don’t only include financial support, but also help with project paperwork, and team work management. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with the heads of the winning teams to ask them why their projects are special and how they are planning to use the grants. 


  • Portable Lab: ITMO Master’s Student On Developing a New Chemiluminescence Sensor

    A research group headed by Ksenia Kirichek has won a grant in the competition of practice-oriented R&D projects to develop a chemiluminescence sensor. The device will help detect early stages of heart attacks, diabetes and oxidative stress. Read on to learn how this new device is different from those currently on the market, what’s the technology behind it and what are its prospective applications. 


  • First Phase of ITMO Highpark Unveiled to St. Petersburg Government

    A council of the St. Petersburg Government has reviewed the project of ITMO University’s second campus, which will be located in the satellite city Yuzhny, a part of the city’s Pushkinsky District. Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO University’s Rector, and Daria Kozlova, its First Vice Rector, took part in the online video conference. According to the project, ITMO University’s second campus will make efficient use of social contact by providing a unified environment for studies, research, and living.  


  • Zooniverse: Help Study Polar Animals While Staying at Home

    If by the end of the second week of self-isolation  you’re already almost out of TV shows and books that you’ve been wanting to watch or read for some time, this is an article for you! It turns out that thanks to the Zooniverse project, you can participate in the initial processing of data on the population of animals that inhabit the polar regions, as well as partake in other projects, without leaving your home. ITMO.NEWS assistant editor Konstantin Krylov spent last week doing that, and is now sharing his experience.


  • It Is Lies that Spread Panic: ITMO PhD Student on Automated Identification of Fake News

    Arseniy Tretyakov, a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, spent two semesters at the Charles III University of Madrid. During this exchange, he gathered a dataset for a system aimed at identifying fake news. As of now, Arseniy continues to complete and improve it. We talked to him and other ITMO specialists about the difficulties associated with such a task.


  • Product Manager vs. Project Manager: What’s in the Name?

    ITMO University’s Entrepreneurship Center hosted a lecture on product management by Alexey Grunsky, product director at the online store, former head of The Black Cat web studio and interactive agency Skylab. The expert spoke about the daily grind of product managers, their responsibilities, and what makes them different from project managers. ITMO.NEWS put down the keynotes.