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  • ITMO PhD Student ‪Ksenia Balabaeva Wins Science Slam Big Data

    Science Slam is a science popularization project consisting of brief scientific stand-ups. The task of the scientists is to present their research in the most interesting, dynamic, and rousing manner. Winners were chosen by voting among the audience.


  • Prawns and Aerogels: Sol-Gel Science Slam

    On August 29, ITMO University hosted a Science Slam competition as part of the Sol-Gel Conference. The event brought together PhD students and junior research associates from Switzerland, Israel, France and Russia, who shared about their research in an unusual format. In line with the rules of Science Slam, the winner was chosen by the audience-applause meter. ITMO.NEWS wrote down the highlights of the best presentations.


  • Science Day at ITMO University

    On February 8, the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art will host the ITMO Open Science Conference. The event will bring together ITMO University’s researchers, PhD students and heads of the University’s departments, who will talk about the latest achievements in an unusual format. The conference’s mission is to provide a platform for efficient communication and knowledge exchange between the University’s schools and faculties.


  • Decline of Antibiotics and Nanoparticle Drugs of the Future

    Ekaterina Kolesova, a second-year PhD student at the Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science, recently joined the “Night of Science” initiative to talk about the lessening effect of antibiotics and their future alternatives; she also took part in Science Slam, where she spoke about ITMO University’s involvement in a European Union project on digital twins. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Kolesova about her work and how antibacterial systems will help prevent new epidemics.


  • Holographic Quantum Dot Laser in Progress

    How can we make a laser that will work effectively on low pump energy, be quite small and will allow dynamically changing the output radiation spectrum?  Vladimir Borisov, a  PhD  student at ITMO’s Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technologies, has won a grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for creating just such a laser. One of the advantages of the new device is that the resonator is placed in the active laser medium, which simplifies the design while changing the resonator itself; it is created by  holographic  grating and uses quantum dots as photon sources.


  • Open Day at The Faculty of Physics and Engineering

    ITMO students and young scientists took part in the Open Day at The Faculty of Physics and Engineering and shared their experience of studying at the Faculty with applicants.


  • Science Slam: Dark Matter and Liquid Batteries for Electric Vehicles

    Can we use electric current to check the freshness of foods? What is dark matter? And how do we make a "liquid battery" for electric vehicles? To learn more, read our article about the recent Science Slam in St. Petersburg. This time school students could also take part in the competition. Based on audience votes, the jury chose two winners who were awarded with the main prize: boxing gloves.


  • New Materials, Genes, And Crowd Management: Science Slam in St. Petersburg

    How can one of most widespread materials on the Earth help cure cancer? In what ways are people similar to pigeons? Why oxidize graphene atoms? And why do genes constitute only 20% of the human genome? Scientists gave answers to these and other questions during the recent Science Slam in St. Petersburg; ITMO.NEWS summarized the key points of their presentations.


  • Science Slam ITMO 2.0 Final

    The final of the second round of the university league’s Science Slam took place on Friday. Six young scientists fought for the audience applauses as they explained their research in layman’s terms to the not so scientific audience. Based on the audience votes, the winner was the only girl in the competition, Alexandra Toropova, a Master’s student from the Department of Computer Photonics and Digital Video Processing. For those who missed it, here’s a brief description of what these six geniuses are creating and discovering.


  • An Algorithm for Prediction Movies before They are Shot

    Yuri Volkov adores watching movies. Once, when he was surfing (an online database of information related to films and TV programs), he’s found a movie, which had as high rating as the Green Mile, but after seeing it he was shocked at how awful it was. He thought: "What if all these ratings are false?" And he decided to create an algorithm for predicting popularity of movies.