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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #54

    As always, we’re here to make sure you haven’t missed any of our updates from the realm of science and tech. In today’s digest: medical advances, the future of 3D-printing and wireless charging, as well as the latest prospects for international AI collaboration.


  • Going Wireless: Businesses Discuss Advances in Energy Tech

    Wireless power transfer (WPT) helps cut down on dangerous emissions and improve quality of life; however, this technology isn’t widespread in Russia and needs improvements. ITMO University, MTS, and other tech companies recently held a roundtable discussion on new solutions for the WPT market and presented Russian solutions for industry and transportation. Read on to find out more about the technologies used in WPT and the challenges faced by developers in the field.


  • Technology in Chemistry: Positive Effect of VR on Students’ Academic Performance

    Three years ago, ITMO University implemented a VR class for first-year students studying inorganic chemistry. As noted by the university's teachers and MEL Science developers, the immersive experience had a positive impact,  increasing students’ learning progress by 20%. The results of the experiment were published in the Journal of Chemical Education.


  • First-Ever “Quantum Call” Between Moscow and St. Petersburg Conducted

    Today, on June 8, 2021, the first videoconferencing call has been made using the quantum-encrypted communication line between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Oleg Belozyorov, general director and chair of the board of Russian Railways, and Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg, took part in the event. ITMO University has been one of Russian Railways’ partners in the implementation of the network.


  • The Magic of Neural Networks

    First envisioned in the 1950s, neural networks are now all the rage: they’ve taken over the media and even your day-to-day life. After having a few profound conversations with Siri or Alexa, enjoying some perfectly-picked tunes on your personalized radio, or unexpectedly seeing your long-lost friend on your social media feed, you may start to wonder what else is in the power of neural networks.


  • ITMO Technopark in 2020: Tech Business, New Clubs, and International Cooperation

    2020 has been a tough year for business, but life at ITMO Technopark hasn’t stopped: the year was marked by new clubs and platforms, innovative tech projects, international schools and festivals, as well as a record number of applications for ITMO’s Preaccelerator and Accelerator programs. Here’s what happened in the technology business this year.


  • ITMO Student Daniil Kazantsev on His Sign Language Translation Technology

    Back in the ninth grade, Daniil Kazantsev started working on a new device – a sign language translator that would help deaf people communicate in sign language even with those who do not know it.


  • ITMO Research: ITMO University Launches a New Popular Science Podcast

    ITMO Research is the first major podcast of ITMO University that will cover scientific topics in various fields, from physics to business. As part of the podcast, the host will talk with ITMO University’s staff members and researchers. It’s not just lectures or audio guides, but rather an attempt to explain a specific topic for those who aren’t familiar with it, as well as to present another approach for those who are. Find out more about the new media project by ITMO University in our article.


  • “Humans Aren’t So Unique”: Modern Artists Talk Future of Art

    A recent Open Day by the staff of ITMO University’s Master’s program in Art & Science included a discussion on the topic “AI, Machines, Microorganisms. The Place of Humans in Future Art”. Its participants – media artists and the program’s speakers – discussed the current situation in which art is made without human involvement and creativity is no longer a trait exclusive to our species. Among the participants were Dimitri Ozerkov, head of the program and director of the Contemporary Art Department of the Hermitage Museum, Ippolit Markelov, bio-artist and biologist, Ildar Yakubov, media artist, Natalia Fedorova, mediapoet, and Ekaterina Nikitina, posthuman studies expert.


  • A Mechanized Future: Sberbank’s Alexey Gonnochenko on the 10 Challenges of Robotics

    Last week, ITMO University hosted the Winter School "It's Your Call!". As part of the school’s educational program, an open lecture was given by Alexey Gonnochenko, the technical director of the Robotics Laboratory at Sberbank, the event's general partner. He spoke about the main challenges robotics is facing now, what tasks robots are solving in banks and what changes in this field can be expected in the near future. ITMO.NEWS has written down the main points.