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  • Drive, Joy, and New Skills: ITMO Students Volunteer at Euro 2020 in St. Petersburg

    For a whole month between June 11 and July 11, St. Petersburg had been swept off its feet with the UEFA European Football Championship 2020. The tournament was especially festive this time around, as football aficionados had been waiting for it a year longer (it was scheduled for last year and postponed due to the pandemic). However, it was not only a colorful show for everyone – some, including volunteers from ITMO University, took on themselves the responsible job of organizing the event. In this article, we reach out to our volunteers to ask them all about their impressions from the event and the reasons why they chose to spend one third of their summer holidays working.  


  • People Need You: Volunteering at ITMO University

    The volunteering movement is rapidly growing: more and more people start to recognize the importance of рrotecting the environment and their city, as well as helping people around them and those less fortunate. At ITMO University, this task lies with the Volunteer Center that in 2020 was named the best among other university centers. In this article, Alena Tarasova, a curator of ITMO’s Volunteer Center, speaks about volunteering at ITMO and its benefits.


  • New Citizen Science Project Helps Researchers Find Volunteers

    Launched in October, the Liudi Nauki (“People of Science” – Ed.) website helps regular citizens participate in research – and scientists to find volunteers for their projects. The website has already over 40 different offers for volunteers. Learn more about the project and its mission in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • ITMO University Staff and Students Receive Awards for Participating in #WeAreTogether

    The most active volunteers and partners of the #WeAreTogether initiative (link in Russian) received medals and certificates for helping the elderly and people with reduced mobility during the pandemic. In this ITMO.NEWS article, the participants from ITMO University shared how they decided to start helping others and what they expect to happen next with the project.


  • Sometimes It’s Important Just to Talk: How Volunteers of #WeAreTogether Initiative Help the Elderly During Self-Isolation

    During the period of self-isolation, the #WeAreTogether (#МыВместе) initiative has started in Russia with the aim of providing support to elderly citizens with limited mobility and medical workers. Over 100,000 volunteers all over the country are helping those who are experiencing an acute need in the simplest yet vital things: food and medicines. ITMO University students and staff have also been making their contribution. For some of them, this has been their first venture into volunteering. ITMO.NEWS spoke to them to find out how the work went and why they decided to answer the appeal for help. 


  • Grandma Instagrammers: How ITMO Volunteers Help Seniors Master Modern Social Media

    The modern world is marked by ongoing technological development which is extremely hard to get on top of. This is especially true for older people, whose lives usually don’t revolve around the online as much as young people’s do. To improve the situation, ITMO University’s Volunteer Center hosted #VSeti, a workshop on teaching seniors the intricacies of smartphones and social media. The classes were organized on April 20-30 for the volunteers of the nonprofit Silver Years.


  • Russian and Swiss Students Collaborate on Social Issue Initiatives

    Last week ITMO University and the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland conducted a short-term exchange involving 30 students from Switzerland and Russia. The students discussed and collaborated on various practices related to social entrepreneurship. ITMO’s Social Design and Entrepreneurship Center organized the exchange as part of a program for international youth exchange in social services. ITMO.NEWS describes the projects developed by the teams over four days of working together.


  • HEX Hackathon: 32 Hours to Make the World a Better Place

    More than 300 programmers from all over the world took part in last month's HEX Hackathon in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). HEX is coordinated by Major League Hacking (MLH), a student hackathon league. The participants of HEX Hackathon had only 32 hours to come up with the most creative solution in one of its ten tracks. Team Marvin from ITMO University chose the Future Society track and proposed an application that would help charity organisations to recruit volunteers and allow people to find charity work inside their communities. The team was awarded the second place by an expert jury that included experts from the Bloomberg company, the track’s coordinator.