The first phase of the project will include the construction of an academic building, which will accommodate as many as 1,600 students, a student club, and two dormitories for over 1,000 residents. The project is implemented as part of the state program Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation

Between 2017 and 2021, ITMO Highpark has received 9.9 billion rubles in funding: 6.3 billion rubles from the federal budget and 3.6 billion rubles from the budget of St. Petersburg. By late 2024, the city’s authorities shall provide 1 billion rubles in funding , in addition to 6.8 billion rubles from the federal budget. 

ITMO Highpark is a world-class science, education, and innovation center that will be located in the satellite city Yuzhny, Pushkinsky District, St. Petersburg. The complex will consist of an academic campus for Master’s and PhD students, a tech valley, and a business park. Its total area will measure 100 hectares, of which 140,000 square meters will be taken up by science and innovation infrastructure and another 100,000 square meters – by dormitories, academic buildings, student infrastructure, as well as three research centers with approximately 50 laboratories and 5 innovative production facilities.