Petr Gumennik, who enrolled at ITMO in the fall of 2022, competed in the Russian Figure Skating Championships, which took place on December 20-25 in the city of Krasnoyarsk.

After two performances, Petr Gumennik and Evgeni Semenenko scored an equal amount of points, 295.07. However, the gold medal went to Semenenko, who earned more points in free skating (195.92 over Gumennik’s 190.6). The third place went to Alexander Samarin, who scored a total of 282.40 points.

Petr Gumennik is 2018 Junior Grand Prix Final silver medalist, as well as 2020 World Junior and 2020 Rostelecom Cup bronze medalist. Since September 2022, Petr has been studying computer systems and technologies at ITMO.

Earlier this year, he spoke with ITMO.NEWS about combining his studies with professional sports and his plans to develop bioinformatics projects.