Even though it makes up at least 80% of the universe, to many of us, dark matter is probably best known as a staple McGuffin of sci-fi. Appropriately enough, in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, Douglas Adams even joked that this mysterious “missing matter” is just the packing material from all the equipment scientists have acquired while searching for it.

But all kidding aside, do we actually know what it is? Well, more or less – and we’re getting better at it. ITMO.NEWS recently spoke to researcher Dmitry Glazov to learn all about this curious physical phenomenon and how it’s being studied today at ITMO and around the world.

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Back on Earth, more news that sounds straight out of science fiction – at ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School, AI is helping to develop customized treatments for arrhythmia patients. After analyzing MRI data, the algorithm helps design 3D-printed cardiac tissue for each individual case. While currently in development, the system already shows great promise.

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Photonics isn’t just a fascinating science – it’s a booming market, too. We recently spoke to ITMO Fellow Kirill Bronnikov, an accomplished scholar of Mie-tronics, about this emerging new field and how it promises to solve the greatest challenge of modern computing and electronics.

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There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that cybersecurity is unlikely to lose any relevance – in fact, all signs point to it becoming an ever more integral part of every human activity. So, how does one make the right career choices in this varied and competitive field? At a recent infosec conference in St. Petersburg, this was one of the points of discussion – and ITMO.NEWS was there to write down the essentials.

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