Knowledge exists to be shared, goes the adage, and the staff of ITMO’s Center for AI in Chemistry would likely agree. Their newest project, which has just gone online, is a free platform that gives researchers from all over the world access to a machine learning model capable of predicting the qualities of proposed materials, particularly eutectic solvents. These substances are of great importance to several industries: not only are they cheaper than their usual counterparts, but much more eco-friendlier, too!

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According to science, it’s not just humans who may benefit from a slightly more insect-heavy diet. The protein-rich larvae of the black soldier fly are an excellent choice of feed for livestock, say the specialists at ITMO’s Faculty of Ecotechnologies. Their current research project, now in its fourth year, is concerned with finding the most optimal conditions in which to produce this high-yield, low-waste “biomass” that could solve some of the most pressing issues in agriculture.

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Protective printing. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

Protective printing. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

The history of counterfeiting is a history of constant competition between better protection measures and smarter faking techniques. Now, it seems as though the former is about to take another step ahead: in a recent paper by scientists from ITMO’s Institute of Laser Technologies, the team describes a novel laser-based technology that creates miniscule nanoscale patterns within patterns – unique identifiers that should prove incredibly difficult to reproduce. What’s more, the markings can even include hidden traits known only to the manufacturer.

At the moment, the researchers are working on implementing their invention in practice, starting with medical glass products, as well as further decreasing the size of the patterns.

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Should women in science have to choose between career and family? In the run-up to International Women’s Day, ITMO.NEWS spoke to Svetlana Roslyakova, an ITMO alumna and a lecturer and researcher at the university’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies.

A deeply passionate scholar of lighting engineering, she spoke to us about her professional successes, the critical impact of light on our life and wellness, and raising a family as an academic in the 21st century.

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Developer Alexey Schekoldin has had a prolific career and isn’t intent on stopping. With degrees in three different fields, a national competition win under his belt, and now working on VK’s new educational service Sferum, he has plenty to share – which he did in an interview with ITMO.NEWS. 

What’s different about creating tech projects for children? What did he learn at ITMO? And what are his future plans? We found out all this and more.

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Credit: ITMO University

Credit: ITMO University

Good news for all those who aspire to launch their career at ITMO: the university has just announced a new internship system, open to students, graduates, and staff of other universities. Split into several role-specific tracks, the system allows applicants to join ITMO in various capacities for periods of one to three months, complete with salaries – and, most importantly, with the prospect of becoming full-on employees upon completion.

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And for those looking to chart their own path, the ITMO Accelerator is glad to announce an expansion of its partner network, which now includes the likes of corporate oil-and-gas giant Gazprom Neft, commercial bank Uralsib, and online learning platform Netology. 

The accelerator is already receiving applications for its next season, so hurry!

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