ITMO University Enters THE Engineering and Technology Ranking

Times Higher Education released its rankings for Computer Science and Engineering and Technology subjects. ITMO University kept its place in the top 100 of world’s best universities, taking 76th place in Computer Science, and also entered Engineering and Technology ranking for the first time in the 301-400 group. This year, top 100 subject rankings were extended to include 300 universities for Computer Science and 500 for Engineering and Technology.


Computer Science

This subject ranking now includes five Russian universities, of which three are participants of the 5-100 Project, compared to two – Lomonosov Moscow University and ITMO University - last year. The three new universities are: MIPT at 67th place, MEPHl and St. Petersburg State University in 201-250 positions.

Among ITMO University’s strong sides, THE noted Field-Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) in “Elsevier” Scopus database and the degree of internationalization, which takes into consideration the percentage of international students and researchers as well as the percentage of foreign co-publications. ITMO University has the highest score for these indicators among all Russian universities represented in the ranking.

There has been a noticeable increase in the research evaluation indicator, which, to a high degree, is based on the reputation assessment by the Scopus authors polled by THE – 21%. Despite a slight decrease, the score for evaluating educational activity, in which the questionnaire component is measured at 19.5%, remains high: the second result after MSU among Russian universities. Also, the country’s leaders in education show traditionally high results on incomes from industry. Here MIPT, MEPhI, Lomonosov Moscow University and ITMO University have shown admirable results.

THE top 3 is comprised of Stanford University, MIT and University of Oxford.

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Engineering and Technology

Russian universities were included in the Engineering and Technology ranking in part thanks to its expansion to 500 universities. It now features ten Russian universities, nine of which are participants of 5-100 Project. These are: Lomonosov Moscow University (126-150), Tomsk Polytechnic University (151-175), MIPT and Tomsk State University (251-300). ITMO University placed in the 301-400 group. The rest of Russian universities placed in 401-500 group.

ITMO University has the strongest representation in this rating for such indicators as industry income, internationalization, and citing publications.

The top three are Stanford University, California Institute of Technology and University of Oxford.

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