Leon Strelkov, a Bachelor’s student at the Faculty of Applied Optics

Leon Strelkov. Photo courtesy of subject
Leon Strelkov. Photo courtesy of subject

Tavrida Forum, Creative Literature and Media Anti-School

I decided to apply for the Tavrida program because my friend, a poet, advised me to. Later, when I was already in the Crimea, it turned out that he also got accepted to the Anti-school of Literature and Media. We were very lucky because it took place offline. 

Of course, the necessary measures were taken: we had to wear masks, use hand sanitizers, and practice social distancing. When it comes to the knowledge and skills I gained at the forum, I wasn’t quite satisfied, because most of the lectures and workshops were made for writers, but I am a poet. Nevertheless, the program was interesting, and, thanks to Dmitry Vodennikov's approach to training, I discovered a new way of editing and figured out the PR and economics of publishing houses.

I also won’t forget the lectures by Raisa Murashkina from Marie Claire and a fantastic immersive lecture about inspiration sources by Peter Ivanov. Besides studying, we also had a chance to relax: go paddling, kayaking, do yoga, dance, or just walk around to check out various art objects.

Anton Potsulin, a Master’s student at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

Anton Potsulin at Ladoga Forum. Photo courtesy of subject
Anton Potsulin at Ladoga Forum. Photo courtesy of subject

Ladoga Forum, Young Entrepreneurs

I decided to participate in the forum because I am sure that education is the best thing you can do in your free time. Moreover, there was the Young Entrepreneurs program – a topic close to my heart, since I want to work in business.

The forum program was very eventful. In the morning, we worked on our soft skills by solving case studies, and in the afternoon we were figuring out tasks aimed at improving our hard skills. In the evening, we could have a rest: there were contests and dancing. I am very glad that I was able to attend such a wonderful event, where, in addition to a cool program, there were many bright and active people who motivated me. In general, I try to participate in forums, conferences, and case competitions regularly, because I consider them an integral part of student life.

Ladoga Forum. Credit: media
Ladoga Forum. Credit: media

Anna Shishlova, a Bachelor’s student at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

Ladoga Forum, Digital Jedi

I entered the forum because I wanted to make new business contacts, relax near the Gulf of Finland, and get motivated. I wanted to improve my marketing skills and other professional competencies, so the Digital Jedi program was the best fit. I liked the key speaker’s presentation. He applied elements of psychology and  gave additional consultations. I also would like to highlight cool Tilda workshops, where we learned how to build our own websites.

Olavi Siikki, a Master’s student at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

Olavi Siikki. Photo courtesy of subject
Olavi Siikki. Photo courtesy of subject

Tavrida Forum, Creative Anti-Fashion Industry School

At university, I specialize in printed electronics, more precisely – on smart clothes, a field directly related to the fashion industry. That’s why I decided it would be good for my future startup if I dive into the fashion world, so when I saw Tavrida’s advertisement, I decided to join.

Our anti-school merged the fields of cinema and fashion, but it did not decrease my productivity. On the contrary, I could attend lectures by top specialists from both industries. The program was scheduled from 7 am to 2 am. Although we were in a closed area, it was fun there: morning yoga, kayaking, paddle boarding, then classes, campfires in the evening, music, and cinema.

I had a chance to meet cool designers who already create their own collections. They are not afraid of innovations and are ready to cooperate with WARMR and develop projects together. Beyond that, I had the opportunity to consult with opinion leaders. I got connected with Igor Chapurin, a designer and the dean of Ivanovo State University who is familiar with all the industries in the region. Vlad Lisovets gave an excellent lecture on the smart clothes market in Europe and Russia. And there was also a grant competition, albeit for social projects. So, Tavrida’s participants are able not only to meet new people and learn new stuff, but also receive a grant of up to 1,500,000 rubles.

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