Starting on February 8, ITMO University will conclude the period during which studies were conducted exclusively using digital and remote learning technologies. This means that all classes and research involving students will take place directly on the university’s premises.

Various on-campus spaces – cafeterias, coworking spaces, the Student Services Office, and the Faculty Support Office – will also operate according to their regular schedule.

Read on to find out more about the educational process, the rules to follow while attending university, and how to stay up to date on the latest news.

Which safety measures are being implemented at ITMO University?

The university follows a set of safety regulations, including sanitary and hygienic safety rules instituted in order to combat the propagation of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

According to these regulations, persons exhibiting signs of infectious disease will not be granted entrance into university buildings. All individuals present on the university’s premises must wear facial masks. All security checkpoints are equipped with antiseptic dispensers.

Classrooms, laboratories, halls, lobbies, bathrooms, and other shared-use spaces are serviced according to hygienic regulations and are equipped with antiseptic dispenses. All spaces undergo wet cleaning once every two hours.

All university spaces are temperature-controlled, air conditioned, and regularly disinfected; that includes air and surface disinfection using ultraviolet lamps of the closed-loop type.

ITMO University's Student Services Office
ITMO University's Student Services Office

What should I do if I’m in a different region or country and cannot come to St. Petersburg by February 8?

Students currently located in other regions of Russia must begin their studies in the offline format no later than March 9, 2021. They must notify the Student Services Office of their expected date of arrival to St. Petersburg before February 7. The corresponding feature will become available in ISU starting on February 2.

International students currently located outside of Russia and unable to come to St. Petersburg will continue to study online.

Invitations for arrival to the Russian Federation can currently be issued to international students who are citizens of the following countries: the United Kingdom, Tanzania, Turkey, Switzerland, Egypt, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Cuba, Serbia, Japan, Seychelles, and Ethiopia.

Students currently located outside of Russia and unable to come before March 9, 2021 for valid reasons must contact the Student Services Office to request the formation of an individual curriculum.

To read the safety regulations and the corresponding order (in Russian), go here.

Where do I direct my questions about the educational process?

Students can contact the Student Services Office via email (, by phone (+7 (812) 607-04-74), or in person. You can also stay up to date by joining the Office’s official bilingual Telegram channel.

Staff members may contact the Faculty Support Office by email ( or by phone (+7 (812) 607-02-50). International staff members are also encouraged to contact the Center of International Faculty Support by email ( or phone (+7 (812) 315-21-59).