How to apply

In 2021, applications are received in digital form via ITMO’s admissions website. Simply fill out your personal info and application and submit them to the admissions committee. You can also send your documents by mail or come to the university in person.

The application deadline for Bachelor’s programs is July 25 for those planning to enroll via the Unified State Exam (USE) or entrance competitions and July 11 for those planning to take the university’s entrance exams. Prospective Master’s students will need to submit their applications by July 14 (July 31 or August 9 for international students – learn more here). The deadline for PhD programs is August 11, 6 PM (Moscow time).

This year, only applications to full-time programs are considered.

Schools and programs to choose from

This year, applicants will choose from among the university’s key educational units:

  • School of Computer Technologies and Control
  • School of Translational Information Technologies
  • School of Photonics
  • School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems
  • Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations
  • Institute of International Development and Partnership

The next step is picking an educational program. This year, ITMO University offers 25 Bachelor’s programs, 63 Master’s programs, and 47 PhD programs.

Tuition-free studies

There are 1,277 tuition-free positions for Bachelor’s and Specialist’s students, 2,793 for Master’s students, and 296 for PhD students.

ITMO also offers fee-based tuition. You can find the relevant information on fees and positions for each program on the 2021 admissions website (in Russian).

Submitting your application

Step #0: first and foremost, choose programs you’re interested in. You can submit four applications: one for each subject area. Some programs fall under several subject areas, and some subject areas include several programs.

If you apply online via the ITMO Admissions 2021 website:

  • Step #1: fill out the entire application in your profile, including personal information, results of exams and competitions, and contact information. Plus, state your programs and subject areas of choice.
  • Step #2: print out the filled form and application (for record purposes); upload a copy of your passport and educational documents to the corresponding section.
  • Step #3: submit your application. Once the moderation team has checked it for errors, your name will appear in the list of applicants (you will be notified via email). Otherwise, you will receive your application back in order to make changes.

If you apply on-site at the Admission Office: bring your passport, educational documents, and a photograph in three copies. Our employees will print out the required documents for you to sign.


Applicants planning to enroll by taking the university’s entrance exams will be able to do so remotely via the ITMOproctor system or Zoom.

Target admission

No notable changes have been made to this year’s target admission figures. On average, each subject area is assigned no more than 10% of all positions reserved for target admission. The minimal recommended USE score for target admission is 255 points.


Starting on June 20, an ITMO.STARS tab will become available on applicants’ personal pages. Here, anyone wishing to take part in the personal achievements competition will be able to apply. The ITMO.STARS initiative allows talented individuals to enroll tuition-free regardless of their exam scores (though you’ll still need to accrue the minimal score per each subject). Learn more here.

PhD programs

Winners of entrance competitions can enroll in ITMO University’s PhD programs without taking entrance exams; applicants with highly-rated language proficiency certificates can present them to skip the foreign language exam. To do that, upload the relevant documents into your profile on the admissions website. The committee will review each applicant’s individual achievements and consider the possibility of awarding them points. In case of a successful review, applicants will receive a score as per the admission rules.

International applicants can join the Open Doors international competition, held with the support of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education and organized by the Global Universities Association, of which ITMO University is a co-founder and an active member.

International applicants

Foreign nationals planning to apply for Bachelor’s programs can, too, submit their applications starting today. Citizens of other nations and stateless citizens can apply with Unified State Exam scores or by taking part in entrance competitions.

Want to check your knowledge and prepare for ITMO University’s entrance exams? Join the ITMO.TEST-DRIVE project! Once you’ve signed up to the admissions website, you’ll gain access to training tests in mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, social studies, and the English language.

International applicants eligible for tuition-free positions must take exams in three subjects corresponding to their chosen subject area. To apply for fee-based positions, international applicants only need to take an exam in a single subject.

Learn more about the international admissions process by visiting ITMO’s international website or contacting the International Students Learning and Support Center:

Phone: +7 (812) 607-01-67



WhatsApp: +7 (962) 729-56-11

Got questions?

You can submit your queries both online and offline. In-person admissions will start on June 20 at the ITMO campus at Lomonosova St. 9.

University staff will help applicants without access to the necessary equipment fill out their applications. For that purpose, a special computer room will be set up.

Applicants can also call the admissions hotline at +7 (812) 457-18-58 to learn all about this year’s admissions process. Special chatrooms in popular messenger apps will also be made for each of the major schools and faculties.

As before, the university’s pages on Facebook, Twitter, and VK, as well as its Telegram channel, will continue to actively provide updates and answers to any of your questions.

Bachelor’s programs: you can already join the abit.itmo VK page and the @abit_itmo Telegram channel to watch for updates on online open days, as well as submit your questions to the @abit_itmo2021 chat.

Master’s programs: all of the relevant info on Master’s programs at ITMO and the schedule of online open days is published regularly on the official Master’s studies page on VK and the @ITMOMagistratura Telegram channel. Don’t forget to join the Telegram chat if you’ve got any questions to ask!

PhD programs: please write to with any questions regarding admissions to ITMO’s PhD programs. To stay up to date on online opendays and other news, join the corresponding VK page.