What is your favorite thing about ITMO University?

One of my favorite things is to work with academics from Russia and from all over the world. It’s very enriching. I have been in contact with Russian people a bit and I can say they are welcoming and friendly. This institution has an outstanding international community and colleagues. Above all, the support from the International Office is incredible. They’ve been great to me.  Also, the administrators at the Institute of Design & Urban Studies, all of them, are amazing people.

Could you tell more about your research project "Modeling of biochemical processes using epidemic theory"?

My project is about finding a link between a biochemical process of growth that can explain the spread or growth of an epidemic. As most systems in nature are non-linear dynamic processes, we are interested in using cellular automata to analyze outcomes of growth in a biochemical process to explain the epidemic fronts of a disease that spreads within a society-based reaction-diffusion process.

Have you fulfilled or want to fulfill any dreams while in Russia?

My dream is to finish my Master’s and get admitted into a renowned Ph.D. program either at ITMO, in Russia or any part of the world.

Independence arc in his home town Accra, in Ghana. Credit George Appiah (Flickr)
Independence arc in his home town Accra, in Ghana. Credit George Appiah (Flickr)

What do you miss the most about being a kid?

I miss being free, having nothing to worry about or anything crucial you need to think, running around and playing, playing a thief game where you pretend to be a cop, and also a game called four-corners. Me and my friends used to play it on Saturdays in the scorching sun of Accra. Good times.

Is there something you miss about Ghana?

Yes, I miss my family and friends, the cuisine events. I also miss speaking my native language the entire day.

The main difference between here and my hometown, Accra, is the weather. Also, in Accra there is less noise on the streets.

Any new favorite things you discovered in Russia?

Come to think of it, grechka is nice. I also love the people, the architecture, atmosphere, and transportation system.

Written by Ethan Avila

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