When it comes to music, some months are just different, and January proves it. This month felt like a sort of a must-needed respite for my mind and, well, ears – with just a couple of new tunes in my playlist. So, take a breather and just listen to a song with window-down summer trip vibes – the addictive Troublemaker by Picture This. It has some booming percussion and guitars, a sugary pop tune, and some food for thought in its lyrics – a perfect combination for getting earworms. I know, you can't help but sing along to this one.


There’s no way to foresee what 2021 is going to bring us, but welcoming the year with an upbeat pop song can never do bad. That’s why I’m plunging deeper into the party mood of the 80s, left in the air by the past winter holidays. One of my recent discoveries here is Everlasting Love by Sandra. Rather naive but discovering true feelings, this song makes me (or mostly my body) look more optimistic at the upcoming days, and is a great deal for ignoring melting snow all around. Moreover, walking to the rhythm of the music will surely help you to reach a fantastic speed and save five minutes on your way to the subway.


This January has been somewhat turbulent for me, so I’ve been turning to The Chainsmokers & Coldplay and their Something Just Like This to stay grounded and remind myself that it’s OK that a superhero’s suit doesn’t fit me. Maybe it’s more about having something I can turn to, somebody I can kiss...


January was a multicolored month for me that brought many pleasant ear-memories, despite being loaded with exams and other tasks. I can't help but give a shout-out to the number one on my Spotify's On Repeat playlist – dodie's I Hate Myself (do watch the video). But two of my absolute favorite songs this month are Son of Cloud's I Am Not an Island and How to Love You Today. Yes-yes, you can label me a hopeless romantic, but I was completely swept off my feet with his lyrics and their delicate metaphors. And then that piano ending of I Am Not an Island – a cure for any heartache.


Is it just me, or do all of us sometimes find ourselves in this part of our life where we desperately need some care and support? A kind word, a promise (albeit naive) that everything will be fine, a little hope - or a slight push towards recovery. This January I craved for all of it, and, of course, found it in music, so here’s a part of my January playlist:

Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane by Gang of Youths

Catch The Rainbow by Rainbow

What You're Waiting For by Passenger


Not a lot of musical discoveries this month, I’m afraid – I keep returning to the stuff I’d already given a listen to but haven’t fully enjoyed until now. For example, I’ve been enjoying the solo works of Henrik Berggren, an ex-frontman of the Swedish band Broder Daniel. He’s been through a lot, so, understandably, his album – Wolf’s Heart (2017) – covers lots of difficult and even tragic topics, and yet manages to not sound too depressing. Among my favorites is I Need Protection.