This June, after five years of silence (thanks, it was enough for me to enter the university and graduate from it), my favourite standup comedian, Bo Burnham, has released his new special Inside. Besides brilliant jokes, the musical comedy show filmed within four walls by Bo himself took me with the songs. The tunes are so fresh and thoroughly made, bet if you didn’t know what the lyrics are about they could be a great party sound. A good example is FaceTime With My Mom (Tonight), which is also quite relatable every time a call with my relatives takes place.


Nothing says summer like upbeat and catchy tunes, especially the ones you happen to catch while walking past a coffee truck playing music out loud. And although this June got me mostly asking how I’m supposed to breathe without air, it also brought a few pleasant discoveries, one of them being Fashion by The Royal Concept. For obvious reasons, it’s now living in my head rent free. It’s easy and happy, yet wildly passionate and driven – a perfect song to belt your heart out to. And it sounds like a lot of fun in Simlish, too. 


June turned out to be a very difficult and absolutely amazing month – too hot, too many great events, too little time – and therefore I did what I always do in such overwhelming, unique moments of life: I listened to classic rock. Among many great hits that you can listen to endlessly, best of all my feelings were reflected by the track Amazing by the incredible Aerosmith. It always feels like flight and freedom, like new beginnings – and it was this month that I flew a paraglider and hoisted sail on a yacht for the first time, so... enjoy its immortal sound (and a little creepy video) with me!


The one song I’ve constantly had on repeat this month is Bonedigger, a jaunty lil’ tune off of Johnny Flynn’s latest album Lost in the Cedar Wood. In recent months, we’ve gotten to savor a great number of top-tier music made by artists stuck in self-isolation, and for me, this album ranks among the very best examples. And Bonedigger, with its catchy rhythm, can’t-help-but-sing-along chorus, and offbeat danse macabre vibes, is just the right kind of rustic folk sound that’s perfect for wiling away lazy, stuffy summer days.


This June, overwhelmed with existential dilemmas as I was, all I really craved for was something bold and empowering. And I thank fate and the universe for the incredible people around me who share their music discoveries that happen to resonate with every chord inside me. That's how I heard Tiny Riot that turned into my version of a mantra for the most part of the month and still retains its power over me. 

The infamously scorching weather of the last few days, however, deserves its own separate soundtrack — and for me it could only be one song. Tellingly called Жара (or Heat), though it doesn't provide any physical relief, it does offer a sense of companionship and an upbeat tune that we all need to survive a summer of melting pavements.