Quick and simple

Credits: Anastasia Eremina (@anastasiaeremina) via Unsplash / Elena Leya (@foodistika) via Unsplash

Credits: Anastasia Eremina (@anastasiaeremina) via Unsplash / Elena Leya (@foodistika) via Unsplash

Vyacheslav, School of Computer Technologies and Control

For a hearty breakfast I prefer porridge, oatmeal especially. I usually choose quick-cooking oats and make it with milk. If it feels boring without any toppings, I sweeten it up with all kinds of jams I buy at Khansansky Market near my dorm on Belorusskaya St. 6.

Alina and Inga, Faculty of Ecotechnologies

When we cook something for lunch, frozen vegetables and other convenience foods help to save a lot of time. Today we have boiled rice, mixed veggies, and simmered chicken. Some of our other go-to meals can be cutlets, not the home-made ones, but also the ones we buy frozen, with pasta, pasta with cream and cheese, or potatoes with mushrooms.


Credits: Andy Hay (@eastcoastkitchen) via Unsplash / Odelinde via photogenica.ru

Credits: Andy Hay (@eastcoastkitchen) via Unsplash / Odelinde via photogenica.ru

Regina, ChemBio Cluster

My recent discovery from my dormmates is chicken curry, it’s extremely delicious and is easy to make. Add two tablespoons of curry spice and cream to chicken and let simmer it together. I serve it with rice, but anything else would do. Though I have a container, I do not bring meals to university often. Sometimes I make buckwheat with grated cheese. I have liked buckwheat in any form since childhood, when I used to eat it with milk and sugar.

Dmitry, Institute of Laser Technologies

Today I have plov. It’s the tastiest dish that I’ve tried, I cook it often and for days ahead. The key ingredients are chicken, carrots, and rice, which I prepare according to my mom's recipe. Sometimes I bring pasta with chicken or sausages, or have lunch in the nearby canteen.

I enjoy cooking. I have been making cakes for mom as a child since 4th grade, it helps to take my mind off things and relax my eyes after a day in front of the computer.

Natalie and Santiago, third-year Bachelor’s students, Faculty of Biotechnologies

We usually cook something simple, like what we have today: it’s rice with beans, carrots, and ground meat. Another recipe is something like a wok: you need pasta, some chicken, and vegetables; you cook them and mix them together – and you are good to go.

Anastasia, Faculty of Secure Information Technologies

I always make my lunch at home because I love tasty food. I actually taught myself to cook during my last year in school, so now I feel like a chef in the kitchen.

One of my comfort foods is an upgraded flatbread. You will need two eggs, some cheese, a tomato, and spices to taste. Beat the eggs up in a bowl, add some salt, and pour this mixture onto a frying pan. Then, place a flatbread on top. While it’s cooking, grate the cheese and cut your tomato into small-ish pieces. Once the flatbread is cooked on one side, gently flip it and place the cheese and tomato on one half. Then, fold the flatbread and fry on both sides until the cheese melts inside. It’s quick and delicious! 

Subhrajit, first-year PhD student, Faculty of Biotechnologies

I don’t often take home-made lunch with me to university, but I do cook for myself quite a lot. Mostly, it’s Indian dishes with rice, like curry. I also sometimes make one of our traditional dishes: semolina mixed with vegetables. In Russia, it’s common to eat this type of porridge with sweet condiments, but I like it savory and with spices. However, there are sweet variations, too. 

Make chefs proud

Credits: laura limsenkhe (@limsenkhe) via Unsplash / Gorobina via photogenica.ru

Credits: laura limsenkhe (@limsenkhe) via Unsplash / Gorobina via photogenica.ru

Anastasia, Faculty of Secure Information Technologies

When I have a little more time, I like to cook something more complex. For instance, udon noodles with chicken and veggies. You will need some chicken, of course, as well as a carrot, a pepper, an onion, teriyaki and soy sauces. First, you fry the chicken until it’s slightly brown. Then, you add the vegetables, sauces, spices to taste, and some water – cover it and let it sauté. Alongside, cook the noodles according to the package instructions. Then, ideally, if your frying pan is big enough, you add the noodles to the chicken and veggies. However, my pan is small and mixing everything on my plate works just as well! 

Finally, if you want to make something really impressive, go for stuffed peppers (yes, I know, fancy!). You will need peppers (naturally), a carrot, an onion, some tomato paste, and ground meat. First, remove the stems and seeds from the peppers. Then, you stuff them with the meat and put them in a pan to stew. While they are cooking, fry the onion and carrot until golden; then, add the tomato paste. To finish off, top the peppers with the vegetable mixture and maybe some ketchup, and bon appétit!