Echo of Expressionism exhibition

  • January 23 – March 9
  • Marble Palace
  • 250 rubles for students, 500 rubles for everyone else

Reconstructing the history of Leningrad Expressionism in its astonishing diversity, the exhibition features some 200 works by famous Russian expressionist artists from the collections of the Russian Museum, the Hermitage Museum, the Museum of 20th and 21st Century St. Petersburg Art, as well as private collections of Roman Babichev, Vladimir Berezovsky, Anna Barinova and other collectors. Head to the Marble Palace to ponder the history of this amazing city, admire the vibrant color palette, and awe at the radical, bold forms of this experimental movement.

Exhibition of Dutch tiles

It’s no secret that Peter the Great was a major fan of everything Dutch, the iconic blue-white tiles with dainty depictions of the country’s day-to-day life included. The fashion spread, with these becoming one of the most well-loved decorative elements among the aristocracy of the era, who used the tiles to adorn their residencies. Two years ago, a team of experts from the Hermitage Museum and Russia’s first museum of architectural art ceramics Keramarkh, went on a field trip to the Netherlands to explore this age-old cultural connection. The results – photos, texts and actual tiles – are now being presented on the second floor of the St. Petersburg headquarters of Russian Geographical Society. 

Cheese Stories fair

  • January 26, from midday to 6pm
  • Pioneer club
  • Free admission

Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Gouda, Roquefort, Camembert, Feta – if these words make your mouth water, don’t miss the now-traditional Cheese Stories fair, where you can purchase numerous kinds of cheese produced by local farmers and learn more about the most exquisite and unusual ones!

Exhibition of family silver of the Naryshkin dynasty

How about a weekend trip to Pushkin? Here’s your pretext: Catherine Palace is hosting a exhibition of the plentiful stocks of family silver belonging to the Naryshkin dynasty, whose scions sure were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Displayed are 700 items; dating from the end of 18th to the beginning of 20th centuries, they were unearthed as part of the discovery of the largest hoard in Russian history in 2012.