Exhibition of Orchids and Bromelias

Everyone loves orchids for their subtle and colorful beauty, but have you heard about their sister species, bromelias? According to experts, bromelias can be both soft and delicate and as spiky as cacti. You have a unique chance to admire these extraordinary tropical plants right in the midst of winter, as well as learn more about these beauties at the annual exhibition of orchids and bromelias hosted by the Botanical Garden this and the upcoming weekends.

Between Rain and Mist: Photography Exhibition by Sergey Podgorkov

  • November 26 – December 21, from midday to 8pm on Tue–Sat, closed on Sun–Mon
  • Borey Gallery
  • Free admission

Featuring the artistic works of famous underground photographer Sergey Podgorkov, the Between Rain and Mist exhibition is dedicated to the past, present and future of own beloved St. Petersburg, its inhabitants and most iconic places. What makes his photographs so special is his unique style and ability to catch the moment. When looking at his work, you can wander through the maze of St. Petersburg’s streets and alleys and compare them with what they used to be when the city was called Leningrad.

“The Roaring Nineties. Freedom Without Borders” Exhibition

The so-called “free-wheeling ‘90s” was a very loaded time for Russia whichever way you look. The brand-new exhibition at the Museum of 20th and 21st Century St. Petersburg Art speaks of this tumultuous period through paintings by Russian artists from different generations and of different viewpoints. This will be accompanied by a side program that features film screenings, discussions, workshops, performances, tours and even a scientific conference.

Exhibition of Assyrian Art from the British Museum

An arguably lesser-known cultural legate of the Ancient World, Assyrian art is visually sophisticated, unique, and possesses a rich storytelling tradition that, enshrined in palatial reliefs, explored a large and vibrant range of topics from wars and nobility to everyday life. Don’t miss out on the rare and wonderful opportunity to see it all in person, in a top-notch exhibition by the Hermitage and the British Museum, which boasts one of the best collections of Assyrian art in the world. 

The exhibition features artifacts from some of the most famous palaces of the Assyrian kings, as well as objects of art discovered during excavations of the royal palaces, including the renowned ivory plaques that decorated luxurious palace furniture and horse harnesses.