JazzLike – an evening of live jazz

Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Life is going faster and faster, and there seems to be no time to stop and enjoy the moment? Well, then this evening of live jazz might be the right choice for you. No pressure, no dress code, no stress – instead you get a relaxed atmosphere carefully created right in front of your eyes as some of the best jazz musicians in St. Petersburg work their irresistible magic. What more can you ask for? 

Ariadne’s Clue, an exhibition by Konstantin von Riben 

Ariadne’s Clue is the first exhibition by Konstantin von Riben, a young architect based in St. Petersburg. Taking inspiration from Greek mythology, Konstantin combines unique materials, such as compound steel and galvanics, to make his point on the intricate play of destiny. With an interplay of light spread around the complex shapes and forms of his sculptures, the architect attempts to contemplate the inevitability of choices that every one of us has to make in life. 

Jazz, Love and Stars concert

If you loved La La Land like we did and have been dreaming about that magical evening at the planetarium ever since you first saw the movie, we’ve got great news for you. This weekend, the St. Petersburg Planetarium is delighted to invite you in for an evening of stargazing accompanied by some magnificent live jazz music. Picture this: the room is dark, the ceiling lit up with passing comets and thousands of constellations, all your thoughts and troubles melt away as your thoughts wander deep into space following the sounds of music scattered all around you... Someone in the crowd will most definitely not think this a waste of a lovely night – oh no, smiling through it, they’d say they’d do it again! 

An evening of organ music about love

Yet another way to spend this evening with one of the best friends imaginable, – music, that is – this concert is meant to celebrate the International Women’s Day with pieces about love and spring. Centerstage, of course, will be taken by the most mysterious of instruments, which we usually can hardly imagine being romantic. Will you dare to learn which organ chords does your dreamy soul respond to?