Useful sources

There are vegan enthusiasts out there who not only check the lists of ingredients, but even contact manufacturers to clear up any and all confusion. These unsung heroes also make compilations of products to share with like-minded people.

One of the largest databases of vegan products can be found on and the associated Instagram page. Another useful page to follow if you’re interested in the topic is VEGANswer on VK. They do a great job of spreading information but, unfortunately, the page is only available in Russian. However, there’s little text to translate so you can figure it out using automated translation tools. We have also created some quick guides to get you started.

Vegan products

  1. Nemoloko Овсяное классическое – Nemoloko oat milk
  2. Nemoloko Овсяный десерт ванильный – Nemoloko oat-based vanilla custard
  3. Eco Напиток кешью кокос – Eco cashew-coconut plant milk
  4. Ласка Майонезный соус постный – Laska dairy-free mayonnaise
  5. Nemoloko Овсяный yo’gurt – Nemoloko oat-based yogurt
  1. Красный Октябрь Киви – Krasny Oktyabr kiwi-flavored chocolate candy
  2. Бабаевский Бабаевская Белочка – Babayevsky “Белочка” chocolates with nuts
  3. Красный Октябрь Лебёдушка – Krasny Oktyabr “Лебёдушка” chocolates
  4. Бабаевский Бабаевские Шоколадный вкус – Babayevsky “Шоколадный вкус” chocolates
  5. Красный Октябрь Желейные – Krasny Oktyabr “Желейные” jelly candy
  1. Crunchips Grill Паприка на гриле – Crunchips grilled paprika-flavored potato chips
  2. Bon Giorno Прованские травы – Bon Giorno Herbes de Provence-flavored potato chips
  3. Dr. Körner Корнерсы Томат и базилик – Dr. Körner tomato and basil-flavored corn chips
  4. Tyrell’s Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper potato chips
  5. Lay’s с солью – Lay’s salt-flavored potato chips
  1. Oyakata Japanese Classic instant noodles
  2. Роллтон Пюре картофельное классическое – Rollton classic instant mashed potatoes
  3. Роллтон с грибами – Rollton instant mashed potatoes (mushroom flavor)
  4. Big Bon Discovery Фо Бо – Big Bon Discovery Pho Bo-flavored instant noodles
  5. Big Bon Discovery Том Ям – Big Bon Discovery Tom Yum-flavored instant noodles

This, of course, is only a fraction of all the available options, so feel free to browse through the above-mentioned sources to find out more.

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