On his page in Russian Wikipedia, you will read that his albums have significantly contributed to the history of Russian rap, which is quite a claim to make given that his first album turned 10 in 2021. With his degree in Middle English Literature from Oxford University, no less, Oxxxymiron is rightfully labeled as a representative of “intellectual rap.” That was arguably one of his major contributions to the Russian rap scene – intricate lyrics filled with obscure and diverse allusions and references. His latest album was released in late 2021 and over 5 million people listened to it on VK in the first 24 hours after the release. Provocative, complex, non-compromising lyrics tied with his turbulent past and rap-battle triumphs among other things ensure that everything this man creates instantly becomes the talk of the town.

Danya Milokhin 

This young man was listed among Forbes’ top-earning TikTokers in 2020 – indeed, TikTok is the platform that jumpstarted his recent and booming career. He seems to be the embodiment of “from rags to riches” as before he started his TikTok account, Milokhin worked odd jobs and didn’t have the easiest of times. Since then, he has gone on to record multiple collaborations with some of Russia’s major artists, headline a Sberbank campaign, and take part in the 2021 St. Petersburg Economic Forum. We don’t know what’s in store for him next, but he is definitely at the top of his game. 

Egor Kreed

Famous per some accounts and notorious per others, Egor Kreed is a hip hop singer-songwriter who also started out on social media – this time on VK. After the first songs he uploaded became very popular, he went on to work with the rapper Timati’s label Black Star Inc., climbing the charts and later growing into an independent artist. His notoriously huge ego, questionable love life, and appearances in cinema only add to his popularity, ensuring his constant presence on the public radar. Check out one of his all-time biggest hits to decide if his music could be your cup of tea. 


This Rostov-on-Don-born artist represents the other side of the Russian rap scene Basta started out as a gangsta rapper with all the associated rhetorics and accessories. Throughout his lengthy career, he has tapped into a variety of genres, from folk to soul, and collaborated with many prominent Russian musicians. In 2019 he acquired the SKA Rostov-on-Don Football Club and released a book of fairy tales for children. So this is a man of many talents, and now you will be able to recognize his voice if your friends happen to have him on.

Slava Marlow

Having officially started his career in 2019, Slava Marlow has rapidly risen to fame through a popular TikTok trend. He later released a mini-album in collaboration with two prominent rappers, which brought him even more publicity. Before his stardom, Slava Marlow used to teach beat-making classes and that was arguably how he made his first million rubles. He is rather original in the way he chooses to use his voice sometimes almost screaming, at other times sounding softer and milder. His music might not be for every taste but it’s sure worth checking out. 


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