ITMO’s coworkings

Luckily, you don’t have to go very far to get some extra motivation and find your fellow hard-working students – almost all ITMO University buildings are now equipped with coworkings. You can host your study group and student club meetings there, or just come to spend a couple of productive hours doing homework after class. You can learn more about the schedule and specific features of the coworking spaces at each ITMO campus on the Student Services Office website

Places to study near ITMO’s Lomonosova campus

As the campus itself is located right in the city center, there is no shortage of coffee shops of any kind in the area (Starbucks alone has sprouted into three nearby locations over the years). That’s why the following selection is definitely not a comprehensive list. But we did try to mention the places that have a unique atmosphere or story and are somehow dear to the hearts of our editorial team. 

If you are in for learning a little bit of Norwegian wisdom, then this is just the place for you. As the owners of the coffee shop state on their website, Kos is how Norwegians describe a happy and joyful life, so that’s exactly the kind of atmosphere you’ll find there. The place isn’t big but you’ll definitely find a seat if you come in early.

The name of this place is the Russian word for “cucumbers” – and it is not strictly speaking a coffee shop but rather a vegan cafe that is also part of an inclusive project that employs people with disabilities. The space feels homelike and cosy, so you are sure to escape any kind of stress there. And if you come with friends, you can always sit on the massive couch that is popular among regular visitors and staff.

Right around the corner from Ogurtsy is a lovely elegant coffee shop with a motivational name. It has every prerequisite to become your trusted shelter from the wind and rain of the fall: tasty coffee, mismatched vintage furniture, and massive windows. Any scary assignment is bound to get more manageable in such surroundings.

A relatively new space, KGallery is known for its interesting exhibitions – and now you know that it has its own little book-and-coffee shop. There might not be many tables here, but how inspirational is it to study literally in a gallery? It’s almost certain that any creative project you need to tackle will get cracked easier there.

Credit: Kris Atomic (@krisatomic) on Unplash 

Credit: Kris Atomic (@krisatomic) on Unplash 

Places to study near ITMO’s Kronverksky campus

The location of ITMO’s main building is not less central and thus is also surrounded by a wide variety of places where you can grab a bite or study. So again, below is a list of coffee shops we deemed special and, to a certain extent, unique. 

Located in Lenpoligraphmash, a creative space near the Petrogradskaya metro station, this is quite a popular and thus busy coffee shop on weekends. Its fifth-floor location translates in peaceful cityscapes (but mostly sky-scapes) seen from giant windows. Though you can only use your laptop in specified areas, you can bring books or notes anywhere, especially in the spacious sit-on-the-floor zone with cushions for chairs. Perfect for a rainy day of studies.

If you don’t feel like climbing up the fifth floor, though, you can opt for the nearby Fika, which is a vegan cafe with a Nordic vibe (fika means a break for coffee and pastries in Swedish). Choose this place if you need a hearty meal to go along with your coffee and energize you for your studies. 

More Coffee, says the name of the place in Russian, and its creators couldn’t have picked a better name – it’s such a popular place that people queued for their lemonade this summer. But they do have quiet hours and then the colorful china and slightly worn furniture serve as your best study buddies in this cave of a coffee shop. 

Hidden just off the busy Bolshoy Prospect, Slovo feels like a little secret place known only to locals (so you’re in the club now). There is all you could wish for – delicious coffee, breakfasts all day long, friendly staff, and enough room to stay in your zone and get at those assignments one by one. 

We hope you enjoy your studies and have a great academic year! 

If you want to get on a whole new level of inspiration, try taking a day off and experiencing Germany or Italy by visiting some of St. Pete’s unique locations. And don’t forget to try the special Russian coffee drink when you visit the coffee shops from the list.