Rubber boots

Can you really go wrong with these? Once the snow starts melting and the temperatures gravitate towards above zero more often than otherwise, many of our streets tend to turn into watery traps full of mud. Here, the good old rubber boots come to the rescue: pair them with some woolen socks and now you can confidently step into puddles, staying warm and dry. Not to mention that instead of opting for the classic black, you could pick up some brilliantly pink or yellow ones, to truly get into the spring spirit.


Not just a blast from the past these days! Have you already spotted a clogs' revival on the streets? My social media are full of fancy people wearing these weirdly-shaped but attractive boots with their colorful socks and fashionable outfits. Uggs, Birkenstocks – it seems like everyone is obsessed with them now. And okay, the Russian granny true and trusted galoshes might not have looked exactly the same: they were essentially rubber cases for your normal shoes, like portable rubber boots. But I bet you could still call your clogs galoshes if you wanted to melt some granny’s heart!

Clogs, a variation on galoshes. Credit: Yevgeniy Mironov via Unsplash

Clogs, a variation on galoshes. Credit: Yevgeniy Mironov via Unsplash

Plastic raincoats

St. Pete’s weather is notoriously unpredictable, even dangerously so. You can nearly never say with enough certainty that it’s not going to end up raining some time during the treacherously sunny day. While an umbrella can be too heavy to carry, a plastic raincoat will fit into any bag and can even serve as a great fashion accessory! Bonus points: you can say that you are cosplaying Masha from Piter FM to melt yet another heart – this time, of a ‘00s movie lover.

Clear umbrellas

Now, if you do get to use the umbrella, it has to be one that permits a clear overview of the sky: who knows, you might spot the rainbow! It’s also rather practical as you also get to see your way, avoiding collisions with passersby, while staying protected from the downpour. Profit, we say! And paired with rubber boots, it will make quite a romantic outfit.

Sunglasses (+ sunscreen)

Finally, this is something you would’ve seen on the streets starting late February: people might be wearing layers of wool and thermals, but there will be a sunglasses’ frame peeking from underneath their bulky hat. I’d say it’s just another variation on burning the Maslenitsa – only now you get to attract warmth and sunshine not by burning winter, but by actively welcoming the desired weather. To double the effect, don’t forget to put on sunscreen (actually, it’s a good tip to follow at all times and in any season). Voilà, now you are not only warm and protected from UV rays, but also doing your bit for those around you: bringing in the much awaited sun!