The university announced its new branding along with a new development model, that of a research and educational corporation, in August 2022. Now, the university brings together a fundamental approach to research and innovative product development in close collaboration with its industrial partners. These changes are the result of the university’s recent development, following directly from ITMO’s 2030 Development Strategy.

“Apart from being an honor, this award is a certain responsibility. Our new development model includes a new approach to training young specialists that we implement together with our industrial partners. This model demonstrates that higher education, in the face of ITMO, can act as a trendsetter of the future. This will increase St. Petersburg’s appeal for creative young people from Russia and our international partners,” says ITMO University Rector Vladimir Vasilyev

According to Delovoy Peterburg, ITMO was among the first in Russia to undergo a rebranding – for instance, major Russian mobile network operators MTS and Beeline changed their identities in 2023. 

Delovoy Peterburg has awarded each year’s most significant projects in multiple fields, from IT to healthcare, annually since 2020. This year, 22 companies were named best in their respective categories.