Quantum particles, entanglement, and teleportation are no longer Greek to ordinary people thanks to ITMO and Bushe’s joint project – a special series of short clips that explain complicated concepts of quantum physics. 

“We’ve long wanted to collaborate and decided that there could be nothing better than bringing pop-sci and pastries together. Our goal is to show that anyone can make heads or tails of science – with the right source. We aim to spark people’s interest in science, and we'll be happy if they decide to continue their journey into the world of science,” share the project’s developers. 

The experts featured in the videos are Anton Kozubov, the head of the Laboratory of Quantum Processes and Measurements; Anastasiia Sokolova, an employee at the International Research and Educational Center for Physics of Nanostructures; Georgii Sizykh, an engineer at the Faculty of Physics; Stanislav Baturin, a senior researcher at the Faculty of Physics and a laureate of ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program; and Vladimir Borisov, PhD, an ITMO graduate – and the signature Bushe treat Venzel, voiced by Kuraj-Bambey (a popular Russian dubbing and translation studio – Ed.), will assist the researchers in their mission to unravel quantum entanglement. 

Credit: ITMO University 

Credit: ITMO University 

Everyone who orders Schrödinger's Croissant will get to experience one of two mystery flavors (Dark Matter or Big Bang) exclusively developed by the bakery’s employees. Scanning the QR code on the box will let the curious customer learn all about the quantum world. 

The limited-edition croissant is available for purchase at the following cafes: 

  • Grazhdanskiy Pr. 41b (Akadem Park Mall);
  • Petergofskoye Sh. 51 (Pearl Plaza Mall);
  • Vosstaniya St. 10;
  • Polyustrovskiy Pr. 84a (Europolis Mall);
  • Zvezdnaya St. 1 (Kontinent Mall);
  • Kollontay St. 3b (London Mall);
  • Malaya Morskaya St. 7;
  • Lva Tolstogo St. 1-3;
  • Yefimova St. 2 (PIK Mall);
  • Razyezzhaya St. 13;
  • Kolomyazhskiy Pr. 17 (City Mall);
  • Sredny Prospekt V.O. 33;
  • Moskovsky Pr. 35;
  • Novatorov Blvd. 11, bldg. 2 (Francuzskiy Bulvar Mall);
  • Prazhskaya St. 48/50 (South Polus Mall);
  • Pushkin, Moskovskaya St. 25.