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  • Metrica Founders on How Their Platform Helps Analyze the Market and Make Business Decisions

    In 2020, Dmitriy Komarentsev and ITMO graduate Nikolai Golos launched the Metrica analytics service. In this article, Dmitriy talks about how their service facilitates decision-making, what startupers need to know about their competitors, and how the developers plan to enter the European market.


  • ELS Access Co-Founder Evgeny Voronin on Shared Parking

    In July, ELS Access, a startup that supports shared parking spaces, became a runner-up at ITMO Accelerator. The team proposed an app that allows users to rent parking spaces both short- and long-term. ITMO.NEWS talked to Evgeny Voronin, the head of development at ELS Access, to learn more about shared parking in Russia, the project’s target audience, and their future plans.


  • How to Launch an IT Startup

    According to a VK Business survey conducted in 2019, almost two-thirds of Russians would like to open a business. At the same time, more than half of the respondents were sure that it’s not an easy thing to do. It makes sense, as 64% of Russian startuppers have a negative experience in business, according to research by the Startup Barometer company held in 2018. However, an aspiring entrepreneur is more likely to succeed if they know what a business project is and how to approach it. That’s why ITMO.NEWS together with ITMO’s Technopark and ITMO Accelerator have compiled some advice on what prospective entrepreneurs should keep in mind.


  • Powerplace Founders On Their Quick-Charge Module And Future Of Power Distribution

    The startup’s smart module for charging stations can recharge electric cars and scooters several times faster than a regular line supply. Meanwhile, the module’s software offers protection in cases of emergency and an overall increase in the charger’s efficiency.  


  • New X-Ray Detectors, Innovative Skincare and Meditation in VR: ITMO Students Defend Startups as Theses

    ITMO University students have recently presented more than 30 projects in various fields – including IT, FoodTech, and green technologies – as their graduation theses and defended them before an expert board. This marks the second year that this relatively new initiative is carried out at ITMO. Alexander Galitsky, a famous investor and member of ITMO’s Supervisory Council, also attended the defence. ITMO.NEWS visited the event to talk to the creators of the most interesting projects. 


  • Student Startups: ITMO Hosts Meeting With XAMK University and Patteri Entrepreneurship Society

    ITMO’s Interuniversity Entrepreneurship Club and the Patteri Entrepreneurship Society have organized an open mic meeting. Participants discussed student startups at universities, the need to provide financial and resource support for young entrepreneurs, and the performance of this system in general.


  • Orbi Prime’s Co-Founder on Hockey Helmets With Panoramic Cameras, 5G, and Startup Program by MTS

    ITMO Technopark resident Orbi became a participant of the MTS Startup Hub program for companies that work with 5G technologies. The telecommunication giant got interested in two inventions by the St. Petersburg startup: shades with a 360-degree camera and a sports helmet that has a similar camera for shooting panoramic videos. Orbi’s team member told ITMO.NEWS when users will get the opportunity to stream 360-degree videos and why they need 5G to do that.


  • ITMO Is First Russian University to Organize Hult Prize Competition Semifinal

    The Hult Prize is an international movement supported by the UN that aims to encourage enterprising students from around the world to apply their knowledge and innovative ideas in creating and growing businesses that can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  • ITMO Professor Aleksandr Farseev on Long Tail Marketing and 2020 Gartner Cool Vendors Award

    The company, which participated in ITMO Accelerator, received an award from the Gartner agency, one of the leaders in business analytics. ITMO.NEWS met with Aleksandr Farseev, the founder of the company and a professor at ITMO Machine Learning Lab, to learn more about the award and their future plans.


  • Startup for Startups: How UXSprint Helps Projects Get Better Before They Even Hit the Market

    Elizaveta Afanasyeva, a participant of ITMO’s pre-accelerator talks about why her service is unique, it’s global mission, how in demand such services are and how it can develop further.