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  • Small and Smaller: Micro- and Nanoscale Robotics Can Help Doctors and Ecologists

    Huge robotic assistants no longer make a wow effect. The new trend is various technologies that can move atoms as LEGO blocks, grab ants, detect molecules and deliver drugs. ITMO.NEWS has prepared a digest on some new solutions in the field of robotics.


  • Genome Editing Will Help Cure HIV

    As of now, there's only one person in the whole world who's been cured from HIV after an operation in 2007. This event inspired many scientists, and now they are getting closer to obtaining an effective cure for this disease. The AGCT Company — a resident of ITMO's Technopark — is about to start pre-clinical research of a new technology for curing HIV using gene therapy based on transplanting stem cells. According to Marina Popova, head of the company, genome editing that is used for this technology is a great breakthrough in science, comparable to the control of fire or space exploration.


  • ITMO University Staff Win Government Award for Translational IT

    ITMO University’s team headed by the Director of the School of Translational Information Technology Alexander Boukhanovsky received an award from the Government of the Russian Federation for the creation and implementation of "Complex Methods for the selection and training of highly quality personnel of a world-class level in the field of Information technology" known as ICT Excellence. This is a program for continuing education aimed at training elite personnel in the field of translational IT. Such technologies are being introduced to companies and organizations to optimize their work. What makes this program unique is that it can be studied at any stage of the educational process and is carried out in partnership with universities around the world and its graduates are trained to work at a world class level.


  • Modeling Reality: the Fifth "Young Scientists" Conference in Krakov

    Thanks to high-performance computing, scientists can now analyze large amounts of data, predict or model different situations and improve various systems. Algorithms and applications that are developed at ITMO are used in medicine, industry, programming and many other areas. Some of them were presented at the fifth 'Young Scientists' international conference in Poland.