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  • ITMO Researchers Create Light-Controlled Antenna for Fast and Secure 5G Data Transfer

    The new technology expands the coverage area even when the signal is weak by redirecting radiation from the base station to personal gadgets, drones, sensors, and other devices in the network. Compared to analogous devices, the new antenna is more energy-efficient, cheaper to produce, and has a simple adaptable design. 


  • Orbi Prime’s Co-Founder on Hockey Helmets With Panoramic Cameras, 5G, and Startup Program by MTS

    ITMO Technopark resident Orbi became a participant of the MTS Startup Hub program for companies that work with 5G technologies. The telecommunication giant got interested in two inventions by the St. Petersburg startup: shades with a 360-degree camera and a sports helmet that has a similar camera for shooting panoramic videos. Orbi’s team member told ITMO.NEWS when users will get the opportunity to stream 360-degree videos and why they need 5G to do that.


  • First Results of ITMO and MTS Joint Acceleration Program

    This spring, ITMO University launched its first acceleration program developed together with a major company – the 5G-focused track ITMO Accelerator + MTS. ITMO.NEWS reached out to the winners and organizers of the startup to learn about their experience.


  • Esports, Mental Health, and AR: Demo Day at Joint ITMO and MTS Accelerator

    On July 24, residents of the ITMO Accelerator joined the program's Demo Day. Over the course of three months, 45 startups worked on their projects under the guidance of experienced mentors, and only 25 made it to the finals. They all took part in Demo Day, presenting short pitches before members of the jury and potential investors. 


  • ITMO Researchers Develop New Terahertz Pulse-Based Data Encoding Method

    Researchers around the world are working on ways to transfer data in the terahertz (THz) range, which would make it possible to send and receive information much faster than what is allowed by today’s technology. But the issue they’re facing is that it is much more difficult to encode data in the THz range than in the GHz range, which is currently used by 5G tech. A group of scientists from ITMO University have demonstrated the possibility of modifying terahertz pulses in order to use them for data transmission. An article on this subject was published in Scientific Reports.


  • ITMO University’s Accelerator and MTS Launch an Online Program for 5G Developers

    ITMO University and MTS, one of the largest Russian telecommunication companies and a digital services provider,  are launching a new program for the 5G track. It’s meant for the residents of ITMO University’s Accelerator: for technological entrepreneurs who, after completing the program, can become MTS 5G Center’s residents in Moscow and receive a grant for the development of solutions in this field.


  • Internship at Huawei: 5G Networks and Robots in Hotels

    Ten students of ITMO University’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies and St. Petersburg State University went to China to take part in a two-week internship at the Huawei company. Apart from getting an insight into modern telecommunication systems, they learned about various configuration devices and the future of 5G communication network systems. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, participants Mikhail Galperin, Ksenia Pyagai, Polina Merkulova and Oleg Yurgenson share about their experiences.


  • Digital Trends of 2019, Part Two: Combined Intelligence, Personalized Content and 5G

    At the end of the year, tech companies look back on 2018 and make predictions for 2019. The past year was marked by advances in AI, major data privacy scandals and countless ups-and-downs of bitcoin. But what about the near future? Let’s take a look at the key predictions for the digital world of 2019. You can read the first part of the article here.


  • How an ITMO Student Helped Develop 5G Networks in EU

    Anton Gusarov, a PhD student at the High-Performance Computing Department, spent nearly three weeks working on the European Union’s project SILIKA as a visiting researcher at the Chalmers University of Technology. The project aims to establish a technological foundation for next-gen 5G mobile networks. Funded by the EC Horizon 2020 program, it involves scientists from Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium, as well as representatives of major companies.


  • 10 Top Tech Trends of 2018: Part One

    2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The fuss around the latter has even become a meme - just remember the news about a tea company that succeeded in enhancing the value of their stocks by just adding the word “blockchain” to its name. Yet, which technologies will really make a difference, and what trends modern businesses pay the most attention to? This was the topic of the world’s biggest trade show of the consumer electronics industry - the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In this first part of our article, we’ll talk about the five trends that experts have placed emphasis on.