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  • ITMO Accelerator Winners on Their Virtual Dressing Room Project

    This summer, another season came to a close at ITMO Accelerator. At the final Demo Day, the first place went to EasyTry – a startup working on a virtual dressing room for online stores. Thanks to a new algorithm and a proprietary computer vision technology, the team’s app can grab clothes from one photo and transfer them to another. The algorithm doesn’t require any pre-made 3D models or multi-angled photos of the product. We spoke to Daniil Andreev, founder and CEO of EasyTry, about the project’s origins and how the developers overcame challenges to become breakout stars on the market.


  • Startup for Startups: How UXSprint Helps Projects Get Better Before They Even Hit the Market

    Elizaveta Afanasyeva, a participant of ITMO’s pre-accelerator talks about why her service is unique, it’s global mission, how in demand such services are and how it can develop further.


  • From Science Lab to Real Business: New School of Technology Brokership at ITMO University

    Last week, it was the start of the new School of Technology Brokership at ITMO University. Read about who technology brokers are, which tasks they focus on, and about the opportunities offered to the school’s participants.


  • How to Launch Your Startup: Your Questions, Answered

    Many of us have entertained the idea of launching a startup. A like-minded team disrupts the market with a unique product – what could be better? But doing that is not so simple. We joined forces with the ITMO Accelerator to answer the most common questions about launching a startup.


  • ITMO Students’ Foodsharing App Wins at Digital Breakthrough Hackathon

    Dmitry Puzyrev, Andrey Velts, and Aleksandr Shcheblykin became the winners in the 2020 Digital Breakthrough hackathon’s nomination VK Mini Apps.


  • How ITMO Pre-Accelerator Graduates Are Helping Construction Companies Go Digital

    BuildDocuments is a graduate project of ITMO University’s Pre-Accelerator that received the highest praise from its expert investors and mentors. The service allows users to digitize construction paperwork and track work progress online. The product was released on May 26, with pilot testing slated to begin in June. Five million rubles in investments, over 300 subscription pre-orders, and the support of the Russian Ministry of Construction – we spoke to the startup’s founder and head Evgeny Buzlaev to find out how his team was able to launch an IT project in an industry as conservative as construction.


  • Digitalization of Construction, Helping Dyslexic Kids and an Online Training Bot: The Graduates of ITMO’s Pre-Accelerator

    ITMO University’s Pre-Accelerator program ended recently. Participants went from an idea to an actual business project over four months of work. The twenty best teams presented their products at the open Demo Day. The jury members – experts and business representatives – evaluated the projects in terms of thoroughness and potential and chose the top three projects. In this article we’ll talk about the results of the program and the best projects.


  • ITMO Pre-Acceleration Program in 2019: 50+ Projects, 11 Expert Coaches, 5 Million Rubles in Funding

    In the past year, ITMO University has redefined its approach to acceleration programs for hi-tech startups. A pre-acceleration program was launched with the goal of assisting scientists and tech enthusiasts who have ideas but are far from implementing them in practice or creating an actual product. Nevertheless, three projects have already gone the distance from ideas to full-on contracts with investors, raising over five million rubles in total. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Alexey Solomatin, the head of the ITMO Accelerator, to find out what he thought of the past year, which achievements of these 12 months he considers the most important, and what he’s got in plans for the future.


  • Recognizing Personality by Face and Controlling a Loader in VR: ITMO’s Pre-Accelerator + Highpark Participants at the Innovation Forum

    Five teams from ITMO Pre-accelerator + Highpark presented their projects in front of Japanese IT experts at the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. Among these projects were a new digital platform for construction works and an optimizer for browser bookmarks and files storage. ITMO.NEWS saw the presentation and learned about the products that still need to be developed and the ones that might shortly become available on the market. 


  • ITMO Technopark and Highpark Launch Pre-Accelerator Program

    ITMO Technopark launched the Pre-accelerator educational program for St. Petersburg entrepreneurs. The course was created in collaboration with ITMO Highpark for the purpose of helping startupers in the early stages. In the course of three months, its participants will be testing their ideas, developing business models, finding consumers and creating the MVP, a minimum viable product for entering the market. Learn more in this article by ITMO.NEWS.