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  • Results of ITMO University’s Admissions Campaign 2020

    The 2020 admissions campaign at ITMO University has come to an end, and the lists of students admitted into Bachelor’s/Specialist, Master’s, and PhD programs (links in Russian) have been published. Read more about ITMO University’s first fully online admissions campaign and its key results in an article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Winners of ITMO.STARS Talk About Their First Year at ITMO University

    In this article, we will share the stories of ITMO University students who were admitted to study at ITMO based on their projects and research.


  • What is Your Word for 2019?

    Every year, the leading dictionary companies select a word that they feel best describes the past 12 months. For 2019, Merriam-Webster has chosen “they”, while Oxford Dictionaries has picked “climate emergency”. As we reflect on this exciting and challenging year, we asked the staff of ITMO University for their picks. 


  • Our 2019, Illustrated

    December is the time to reflect on the passing year! Early 2019 was a bit of a wild time for us, but it gave start to new things: new partnerships, world-class conferences, a totally new educational framework, and much, much more. Check out our animated review of this year's highlights and meet us in 2020!


  • Education Goes Digital: Results of ITMO DigiEduHack

    On October 3-4, ITMO University hosted ITMO DigiEduHack, a hackathon on digital education organized as part of the European Commission’s major initiative. The event brought together dozens of teams from the UK, Italy, Finland and other countries that collaborated on projects in the field of digital education. ITMO University became the only hackathon’s venue in Russia. The competition in St. Petersburg gathered over 100 participants: students, lecturers, university graduates, school children and professional programmers.


  • ITMO University in Top Group of Project 5-100 Participants

    The Council on Global Competitiveness Enhancement of Russian Universities among Global Leading Research and Education Centers (Project 5-100) has just unveiled the results of its latest session, which took place on October 26-27 in the Russian city of Kaliningrad. In its report to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Council recommended that the Ministry continue providing the 21 higher education institutions participating in the Project 5-100 with financial support. Based on their performance, the participants were divided into three groups with seven universities each. ITMO University made it to top-seven. 


  • ITMO University Up by Ten Positions in QS EECA University Rankings

    According to the results of the QS EECA University Rankings 2018/19, ITMO University moved up by ten positions compared to its last year’s performance and was ranked 56th among the top-300 universities. Every year, hundreds of higher education institutions from 30 developing European and Central Asian countries compete for the top spots in the ranking. This time, 12 Russian universities made it to the top-50.


  • Universities of 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project Share Plans for 2020 and Beyond

    On October 26-27, 2018 the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad hosted a session of the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project. Over the course of two days, participating universities of the Project reported on the results achieved so far and their future plans for development.


  • Scientists Taught Fluorescent Microscope to Automatically Adapt to Any Sample

    An international team of physicists found a new way to improve images obtained by fluorescence microscopy. The method is based on adaptive optics and implies an automatic correction of aberrations. Moreover, this correction is based on the quality of individual pixels, rather than the image as a whole. This helps avoid re-calibration of the microscope in case of changing the sample. As a result, microscopy can be significantly accelerated. The results are published in PLoS ONE.  


  • Project 5−100 May Be Extended Until 2025

    Yaroslav Kuzminov, Rector of the Higher School of Economics, has recently met Vladimir Putin to report the results of Project 5−100. As a representative of the Global Universities association, he also brought up the proposition to prolong the project until 2025.