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  • NTI FoodNet: How Food Science and New Technologies Can Save the Planet

    On November 27, the team of the National Technological Initiative presented a vision statement of a roadmap for the development of the  FoodNet market in Russia. On the team was Olga Orlova, head of the Digitalization of Food Technologies group at ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center and head of the FoodTech Entrepreneurship specialization at ITMO’s Innovative Entrepreneurship Master’s program. In this article, we tell you all about FoodNet and its development in Russia.


  • Leading Experts Look Into the Future at ITMO International Council’s 11th Meeting in Israel

    This weekend, ITMO University’s International Council has gathered for its 11th session in the buzzing city of Tel Aviv, Israel. The members exchanged their opinions and expertise in discussing the meeting’s keynote topic, “Towards ITMO’s 2021-2027 Roadmap”, explored the ways of attracting new talents into the University’s distinguished academic staff, and made a visit to one of ITMO’s partner institutions in Israel, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, as part of the event’s vibrant cultural program.


  • ITMO University Among Leaders of 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project

    On October 25-26, 2019 the Council on Global Competitiveness Enhancement of Russian Universities (Project 5-100) convened for its 12th session in Moscow. Over the course of two days, universities participating in Project 5-100 presented the results of their work and their development plans for the future. Upon conclusion of the session, the project’s participants were sorted into three groups, ITMO University being ranked among the top 7.


  • Seven Words that Describe ITMO in 2017

    It’s been a fantastic year with lots of victories for ITMO University. We love our university and we love how it’s dynamically progressing and advancing to greater heights, even having a mountain peak named after ITMO. The year is coming to an end and to celebrate we want to share with you seven of the hottest words that describe ITMO in 2017. 


  • ITMO’s 7th International Council Meeting in Arizona

    This week, the members of ITMO’s International Council gathered at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ for the 7th International Council meeting. Experts from all over the globe offered their thoughts on the most recent roadmap that was presented before the Project 5-100 International Council last month and contributed their ideas for future plans.


  • ITMO Codes Its Way to Top of Academic Excellence Project 5-100

    Today representatives of ITMO University presented the university’s Road Map for the implementation of the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project. 16 out of 21 universities that participate in the project have presented their Road Maps to the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities. The Council’s sessions will be held on October 27 to 28 at the Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor’s Residence in Yekaterinburg. Among the top-performing universities are HSE, ITMO University, MEPhI, MIPT, NSU, MISiS and Tomsk State University.


  • Scientists Form New Road Map for Photonics and Quantum Communications Development

    Participants of the international roundtable discussion, which was held as part of the METANANO-2017 Conference in Vladivostok, discussed the future of research in photonics and quantum communications in Russia and outlined the goals for scientific collaborations with other BRICS countries. Representatives of various scientific organizations discussed the next steps that need to be undertaken by researchers and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science to make Russia a leader in photonic technologies research.


  • 6th International Council Meeting: Looking at the Map of the Future Together

    The 6th Meeting of ITMO’s International Council was held in St. Petersburg on June 11 at ITMO University. The meeting brought together some ten International Council members and key management staff at ITMO University. The meeting was centered on the vision for ITMO University in 2035, what the University should be like and the characteristics of its future graduates.  ITMO’s University Strategy and other areas of development were explored at the meeting