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  • It’s Your Call! Winter School Kicks Off at ITMO University

    Over the course of five days, students from all over Russia will be attending lectures, taking part in workshops and preparing team projects. The winners will get the opportunity to enroll in ITMO’s Master’s and PhD studies without entrance examinations. The event’s general partner is Sberbank of Russia.


  • ITMO’s Project SCAMT Workshop Week Makes It to Shortlist of QS Reimagine Education

    On December 8-10, 2019, London hosted the QS Reimagine Education international conference, which brought together representatives of universities, research institutions, technological companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations, who gathered to discuss the prospects for the development of higher education and its evolution. As part of the conference, a competition of innovative projects in the field of education was also organized. This year, ITMO University’s SCAMT International Research Center’s project SCAMT Workshop Week became the only representative of Russia in the competition’s shortlist. Read on to learn more about the project and its international recognition.


  • ITMO University Launches Public Discussion on Proposed Changes to School Curricula in Computer Science

    This year, ITMO University became a developer of the draft contents of core curricula for basic general (grades fifth to ninth) and secondary general education in the field of computer science. The work is implemented on the commission of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Until December 9, 2019, teachers and heads of education institutions can analyze the university’s suggestions and give their own evaluation and feedback on the project. Here’s more about the initiative. 


  • Conference School on Photonics, Radio Physics and Nanotechnologies at Sirius

    The second Conference School on Photonics, Radio Physics and Nanotechnologies took place in Sochi from November 2 to 5. The event was organized by the Sirius educational center in collaboration with ITMO University; scientists from Jean Lamour Institute (France) acted as invited speakers. Read about the event’s participants, courses and results in an article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Urban Environment as a Learning Laboratory

    School is one of the most conservative educational structures in Russia. To solve this problem, Anastasia Rossinskaya, a PhD in pedagogical sciences and leading research associate at the Laboratory for Sociocultural Educational Practices of the Institute of System Projects at Moscow City University, proposes to stop expecting radical changes and focus on modern educational formats instead. The researcher held a workshop for St. Petersburg’s teachers, called “City as a Student Book”, where she shared about how to help school students familiarize themselves with their cities and what they can learn on their way home from school.


  • SCAMT Workshop Week: English-Language Summer School on Topical Research and Cutting-Edge Equipment

    On June 24-30, ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory held the international summer educational course SCAMT Workshop Week. Participants from Greece, Iran, China and Russia attended lectures and workshops and collaborated on projects in groups. The main goal of the course was to help the young scientists obtain experience of working with modern equipment and achieve a practical, real-world result.


  • SPIEF 2019: Speakers Discuss Achievements and Problems of Russian Education

    At the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF’19), speakers discussed not just economics but also how the agenda of Russian education plays into the country’s general social environment. During one of the discussions, experts in the field of education expanded on such topics as the achievements and problems of the state’s educational system in the past ten years, the advantages and drawbacks of educational selectivity, whether the profession of a teacher is really necessary, and why Soviet-style broad education is no longer efficient. We wrote down the highlights of the discussion.


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