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  • Topological Polariton-Based Structure: Scientists Get One Step Closer to Next-Gen Optoelectronic Devices

    Researchers from ITMO University, the University of Sheffield, and the City College of New York have proposed a metasurface with unique topological properties. The proposed system is based on a photonic topological insulator integrated with a two-dimensional semiconductor and stimulates polaritons – quasiparticles that combine the properties of topological photons and excitons. The discovery opens the door to more efficient light control and hence advanced transmission and processing of optical information. The related article is published in Nature Communications.


  • ITMO Scientists Develop Shape-Shifting Microcapsules from Liquid Metals

    Researchers from ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and ChemBio Cluster have created liquid-metal nanoparticles that can reversibly change their shape when exposed to laser radiation. The discovered effect holds great promise for ultra-compact optoelectronic devices, smart sensors, and signal systems. The results of the study are published in Physical Chemistry Letters.


  • ITMO Scientists Create Water-Resistant Perovskite Nanocrystals

    ITMO scientists created perovskite nanocrystals that preserve their unique optical properties in water and biological fluids. This material offers new opportunities for the optical visualization of biological objects. It is an important achievement for the investigation of internal organs in living organisms and monitoring of the course of diseases. The results of this study were published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.


  • ITMO Physicists Discover New Physical Effect

    The scientists called it the anomalous exciton Hall effect. It occurs when a laser affects a semiconductor plate in the presence of a magnetic field. This phenomenon can be potentially used for studying exciton quasiparticles. The research is published in Physical Review Letters.


  • ITMO Researchers Create MRI Antennas That Allow For Better MRI Scans

    Thanks to this invention, MRI scanners used in research can become more powerful, improving the quality of acquired images without risks for the patient’s health. ITMO scientists developed the device together with their colleagues at the M-Cube international project. The research is published in Nature Communications. 


  • ITMO Scientists Propose Systems With Unique Interaction Between Photons and Mechanical Motion of Atoms

    The researchers managed to demonstrate that such systems possess the features of non-typical phase transitions, nonstandard symmetry, and its spontaneous breaking in a strong optomechanical interaction regime. This invention may potentially help scientists develop memory chips for future quantum computers.


  • Scientists from ITMO Discover a New Way to Create Reconfigurable Topological States of Light

    A team of researchers from ITMO University and Australian National University came up with a new concept of photonic topological structures. Localized states of light in such structures appear not due to the intentionally designed lattice geometry but rather because of spatial variation of particles' properties.


  • ITMO University Researchers Shed New Light on Plasmonic Nanolasers

    For six years, a research team from the Photophysics of Surface Laboratory at ITMO’s International Research and Educational Center for Physics of Nanostructures has been studying plasmonic nanolasers – a long-standing subject of debate in the scientific community. The study was conducted as part of a Russian Presidential Grant.


  • Scientists Develop Transparent High-Performance Material for Flexible Displays and Solar Panels

    The creation of such materials became possible thanks to the joint efforts of researchers from St. Petersburg Academic University, ITMO University, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, and Aalto University. Learn more about its advantages and ITMO’s contribution to the research in this article.


  • ITMO PhD Student Joins Nobel Winner Konstantin Novoselov's Smart Membrane Research

    In the future, the results of this project may provide the foundation for artificial cells. The research was published in Nature Nanotechnology.