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  • Winner of Leaders of Russia Competition Alexey Schekoldin on Lifelong Learning and Sharing Knowledge

    Alexey Schekoldin illustrates the concept of lifelong learning by example: his Bachelor’s degree was in electrical engineering, his Master’s – in management, and his PhD – in technical systems management. Now, he is developing Sferum, a service by VK, constantly learning new things, and has recently won the national competition Leaders of Russia, earning a million-ruble prize. In this interview, he shares how learning helped him launch several major projects, what he believes is the power of networking, and why he still cherishes his experiences at ITMO.


  • YAC/e Conference: Why Corporations Start Their Own Universities

    Businesses are becoming increasingly involved in higher education, with some companies even establishing their own universities. Is corporate EdTech becoming a threat to higher education? What does the perfect university-industry collaboration look like? Opinions from Yandex, Sberbank, VK, and Tinkoff insiders were shared during a discussion as part of YAC/e, the major educational conference organized by Yandex. The discussion was moderated by Daria Kozlova, ITMO University’s First Vice Rector and director for education at Yandex.


  • Head of Product Management at VK Cloud Viktor Konoplev on Career in IT and the Future of Cloud Technologies

    After his graduation from ITMO, Viktor Konoplev had the chance to work on a virtual dedicated server (VDS) for the IT company Timeweb, launch various delivery options at VkusVill (a Russian food retail chain – Ed.), and build a private multipurpose cloud service at VK Cloud. In this interview, Viktor, who is currently developing IT solutions for business at VK, speaks about his first failures, win-win solutions for businesses and teams, and the future of cloud technologies.


  • New Master’s Program by ITMO and VK to Train Web Service Developers

    Admissions are open to the Distributed Web Services Master’s program, implemented by ITMO’s Institute of Applied Computer Science in collaboration with VK Education. Graduates will specialize in developing fault-tolerant distributed systems. The program will be of interest for applicants with a fundamental IT education.


  • ITMO and VK: Main Takeaways From Major Study of Gamedev Educational Programs

    According to a recent study conducted by ITMO, VK Education, and VK Play, the number of all educational programs in gamedev increased by 45% in the last two years. Despite the growing interest in short online courses, full-scale university programs in the field have also been increasingly popular, with their number increasing by 25%. Read on to learn about other educational trends in gamedev.


  • ITMO Graduate Daria Yakovleva on Building a Career in IT, Working at VK, and Launching NFT Startup

    Daria Yakovleva got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from ITMO and is now a PhD student at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. Her career in IT began during her Master's studies with an internship in Silicon Valley and becoming a team lead at VK. Recently, Daria launched her own NFT startup that has already won the international hackathon by Algorand and was named best in its cohort at ITMO Accelerator. In this interview, we asked Daria about finding her purpose and why she left a corporate job behind to focus on her startup. 


  • ITMO's 121st Anniversary: Quizzes, Tours, and Lots of Gifts

    ITMO University marked its 121st anniversary with a five-day celebration on March 22-26. The events took place at campuses on Kronverksky Pr. 49 and Lomonosova St. 9, as well as on ITMO’s official VK and Facebook pages.


  • ITMO’s Gennady Korotkevich Wins VK Cup

    Gennady Korotkevich, a PhD student at ITMO University and multiple-time winner of various international programming competitions was named VK Cup’s top participant in the Engine category. This year’s winners of VK Cup split between themselves a prize sum of 2,752,512 rubles – in binary, this particular number converts to an elegant 1010100000000000000000.


  • ITMO University and VK Carry Out Research in the Field of Machine Learning and User Metrics

    In addition to making it possible to improve the tools for analyzing user activity and algorithm training, the research also has fundamental value. Work on the project continued for about six months, with its results currently being used to develop research papers. 


  • ITMO Students’ Foodsharing App Wins at Digital Breakthrough Hackathon

    Dmitry Puzyrev, Andrey Velts, and Aleksandr Shcheblykin became the winners in the 2020 Digital Breakthrough hackathon’s nomination VK Mini Apps.