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  • Russian Team Takes Three Gold Medals at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2021)

    Like last year, the 33rd International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2021) was held online and brought together a record number of participants: 300 school students from 88 countries. The Russian team took home one silver and three gold medals and became one of the competition’s leaders alongside the teams from the USA, China, and Singapore. The team was headed by Andrey Stankevich, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming.


  • Hackathons in Education: ITMO Team Shares Their Experience

    ITMO’s Natural Systems Simulation Lab, operating within the National Center for Cognitive Research, is integrating hackathons into education and research. One of its first great triumphs is an ML model called FEDOT that impressed the expert board and brought the lab’s team a victory at the Emergency DataHack.


  • ITMO Robotics Team Wins RoboCup Russia Open

    Robert Robotecky, a self-balancing hoverboard-riding musical robot brought victory to the team from ITMO’s Youth Robotics Lab at RoboCup Russia Open – 2021.


  • ITMO students Took Home Prizes at the Regionals of the Professional Skills Championship

    The VI Open "Young Professionals" Regional Championship (WorldSkills Russia) was hosted in St. Petersburg in December 2020. Students from ITMO's Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education attended the championship: two of them won prizes, and one received a gold medal.


  • ITMO University Students Win the Rosneft Robotics Hackathon

    ITMO university team Desyatochka (Russian for “ten”) became the winner of the Robotics Hackathon in Ufa and team ITMO-1 received a special award in the Interesting Solution category. Learn more about the participants’ preparation, winning strategies, and future plans in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • ITMO University During the Second World War

    On May 9, 2020 we celebrate victory in the most horrifying war in the history of humanity, the Second World War, for the 75th time. Its history is compiled out of millions of stories about people, cities, villages, institutes, theaters, and museums. Together with the Historical Museum of ITMO University, we would like to share stories about our heroes, as well as challenges and triumphs that our university went through during those four years.


  • Flu Vaccine and Lung Cancer Medication Developed by ITMO Technopark’s Resident Awarded Gold Medals at the iENA 2019 Exhibition in Germany

    The company ATG Service Gene, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, was awarded two gold medals at the international exhibition of ideas, inventions and innovations iENA 2019 that recently concluded in the German city of Nuremberg. Recognized were two inventions by the St. Petersburg scientists – an innovative flu vaccine and a medication that can help in combating lung cancer. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the company’s Director for Science Ilya Dukhovlinov to find out more about the award-winning drugs.


  • ITMO’s Andrey Zlenko Wins the Form of Kindness Contest

    This Sunday, the results of the Form of Kindness award have been announced in St. Petersburg. The citizens of St. Petersburg have chosen 25 people in 25 nominations, who will help the city administration solve various social problems and support those who need help. Among the winners is a representative of ITMO University, head of ITMO’s Student Volunteer Center Andrey Zlenko.


  • ITMO University Team Wins 3rd CTF Russian Cup

    The final round of the 3rd CTF Cup, a national competition in the field of information security, has come to an end at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Winners of regional CTF competitions and developers of CTF games came together to determine which Russian team is the strongest. Taking part in the Cup were 15 teams, including winners of such prominent competitions such as RuCTF, CyBRICS, NordCTF and others. But it was ITMO University’s team that took the first place of the large-scale tournament. 


  • ITMO Graduate Ilya Chekh Named Russian Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young

    ITMO University graduate Ilya Chekh was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Russia by a prominent international audit and consulting company Ernst & Young (EY). Founded six years ago, Ilya’s company Motorica annually provides over 500 people with modern bionic limb prostheses and is gearing up to enter the Asian market. ITMO.NEWS reached out to the entrepreneur to find out what yielded them this prestigious award and how people’s perceptions of prostheses have changed over recent years.