One of St. Petersburg’s key areas of focus is the preservation of human capital and in this respect, the city’s development will be significantly hampered if its inhabitants don’t have the conditions necessary for both professional and recreational activities.

“People need to be able to live comfortably, work, grow, and have opportunities for entertainment. For all of that, the state has to provide accessible and high-quality infrastructure, as well as ensure the necessary investments into intangible assets that ensure personal development,” says Roman Golovanov, head of the city’s Investment Committee. 

In this regard, it’s important to develop research and educational clusters – and ITMO Highpark is one of the city’s major initiatives in this field.

“This project is on the verge of completion: its design has been finalized and work is ongoing to connect this area to the city’s supply networks,” adds Roman Golovanov. 

According to Alexander Smirnov, head of the project Satellite City Yuzhny, the all-encompassing nature of the initiative will make this area a comfortable place to live, work, study, and attend various cultural events. 

“High-profile specialists are always looking for the best place to apply their competencies. We believe that development projects might play a key role in this field by creating such areas with optimal conditions in the form of spaces for education, professional activities, and comfortable living,” says Alexander Smirnov. 

By the time the first buildings of ITMO Highpark welcome its students, the Yuzhny satellite city will have comfortable modern housing equipped with all the necessary social and transport infrastructure, with first residential buildings slated to open in 2024