Out of all of the contest’s tracks, students from St. Petersburg were most interested in Programming & Information Technology (2,691 sign-ups), Space Exploration (2,179 sign-ups), and Artificial Intelligence (1,987 sign-ups). A total of 62,437 applications were filed by students from 83 St. Petersburg universities and their branches; the greatest number of these applications (9,711) was made by students of ITMO University, with St. Petersburg State University and Peter the Great Polytechnic University coming second and third, respectively.

This season, the registration period lasted 49 days and concluded with a record-breaking 849,988 applications from students of 1,330 Russian universities, who registered for one or several of the contest’s 73 tracks, ranging from design to photonics. The competition’s first round will take place from November 17 to December 3. In the final round, students will get to try their hand at practice-oriented tasks developed in collaboration with representatives of Russia’s leading universities and major employers. Winners of the contest will be awarded prizes of up to 300,000 rubles and will get the opportunity to enter their next degree program without exams, as well as intern at one of the country’s top companies through the contest’s career portal.

I Am a Professional is a national contest organized by the presidential platform Russia – Land of Opportunity. The contest is a major platform that allows students to test their skills and receive career guidance. I Am a Professional’s main aim is to support students in various fields by providing them with the full career guidance cycle, from CV-making advice to group career consultations. According to the organizers, this format will help the participants kickstart their career with the competition’s partners – the nation’s leading companies. 

ITMO.NEWS editorial team