It’s hardly news that cardiovascular disease remains one of the most prevalent health issues worldwide. But few might be aware that one complication in particular, atrial fibrillation, is not only becoming more widespread, but can also be treated with great success through a procedure called electrical cardioversion

Recently, researchers from ITMO’s Public Health Sciences program have completed a study that proves that this treatment – currently applied only at major clinics – is also highly efficient when conducted in regional hospitals that serve a majority-rural population.

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It may not be too far-fetched to suggest that in a few decades, we’ll be able to easily 3D-print everything an individual may need: from everyday objects to entire homes. Still, there are challenges that remain on the path towards such achievements.

ITMO.NEWS recently spoke to Maxim Arsentev, a researcher and ITMO Fellow, about his work: the scientist and his colleagues are seeking to combine physical chemistry with the latest computer tech to create the next generation of printing materials.

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The visit of Minister of Education of China Huai Jinpeng to ITMO. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

The visit of Minister of Education of China Huai Jinpeng to ITMO. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

“AI should benefit society, not harm it,” was the key sentiment of a recent meeting between the administration of ITMO University and the Minister of Education of China Huai Jinpeng. It was during this discussion that ITMO’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev suggested the establishment of a joint Russian-Chinese association that would foster collaboration between the two nations’ universities in the field of AI. Together, members of this new network would exchange educational practices while also contributing to the development of sensible regulatory standards for AI technologies.

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Speaking of technologies that may have once sounded like sci-fi: not long ago, ITMO and a group of leading Russian companies organized a roundtable discussion of wireless power transfer (WPT) and the future of this technology. What are its prospects – and what are the challenges? How long until we can simply charge our devices from out of thin air? The answers are intriguing and inspiring; find them in our write-up of the event.

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