My Experience as Speaker at the New Era of Education Conference at MGIMO

This semester, I was invited as a speaker to the conference about the new era of education for students, who study Spanish at MGIMO.

Students at MGIMO. Photo courtesy of the author

During my presentation, I had the opportunity to address crucial topics that are shaping the future of education, such as the integration of technology, the focus on personalized learning, and the importance of developing social-emotional skills. For this presentation,I collaborated with my colleagues Can Lyu, Ye Ziqian, Zhao Weixin, Jinshuang, Yuan Xue, and Mo Zhao from JISU University and Heilongjiang University.

Highlighting the importance of technology in education, I discussed how digital tools can improve the accessibility of knowledge, foster collaboration between students, and facilitate the adaptation of teaching methods to the individual needs of students. Additionally, I highlighted the need to cultivate social-emotional skills, such as empathy, problem-solving, and effective communication, to prepare students to face real-world challenges. Students and professors in the audience in the discussion.

Diego at MGIMO. Photo courtesy of the author
Diego at MGIMO. Photo courtesy of the author

One of the most rewarding aspects of my participation was the interaction with other speakers and attendees. Through discussions and debates, I was able to learn from the diverse perspectives and approaches presented by my colleagues. This experience gave me a greater understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by education today.

Additionally, the conference inspired me to continue exploring new ways to improve teaching and learning. It motivated me to seek opportunities to implement innovative approaches in my own educational practice and to collaborate with other universities to drive change in the educational system.

I would like to thank MGIMO’s International Relations Department, as well as the representatives of the Spanish Department Galina Gorenko and Kirill Sumin, as well as my Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations at ITMO for their support.

Master's student, Innovation Entrepreneurship