What inspired you to choose Digital Control Systems?

I chose this field because I believe it has become huge and there are a lot of opportunities. It allows you to think outside the box and improve your creative thinking: from assembling to bringing machines to life, the entire process is very interesting for me. 

What makes this field so vital

I think that focusing on this field could be very useful because it can help society by making our lives stress-free in more ways than we think. 

How did you choose ITMO?

I have been here in St. Petersburg for almost two years now. During this time, I had the opportunity to visit many universities, but it’s different when I’m at ITMO. When I’m here and realize that this is the place where I will finish my Master’s studies, it’s just a wonderful feeling. I like this university so much: the atmosphere, the people. It’s more than a University for real. And its reputation speaks for itself. In addition to that, people are very helpful and kind.

What do people often tell you when they learn that you’re from Algeria? 

This is a good question because whenever I meet new people and they ask me where I’m from, they get surprised when I say I come from Algeria. For them, it’s like hearing “Nigeria”. There aren’t a lot of people who know this country, but there are some that know that we have large deserts and the best sunshine in the world.

What can you find in Russia and not anywhere else in the world?

The real soul of Russians. I think the unique architecture of the city and the onion-domed churches.

What was the latest experience that made you stronger? 

I would say that coming to Russia to begin this journey in a new place, with a new language and living by myself really changed me. It gave me a sense of responsibility that I didn’t have before. All this experience has definitely made me stronger.

What is something you've changed your mind on as you grew older?

I thought that life was easy but then, sadly, I came to realize that it is not really that easy.

Photo courtesy of the subject

Photo courtesy of the subject

What’s your spirit animal? 

A parrot – I had one and I loved him a lot until he passed away.

How are you spending your time now in quarantine?

It’s starting to make me crazy. Everything is now online. Conference calls, cooking, reading books, some fitness, and I like to end the day with some Netflix.

Written by Ethan Avila