To be honest, this month wasn’t much about music (for the most part, I had my AirPods on only at work simply because music helps me concentrate) yet it was indeed big on TV series. This whole month, I’ve been binge watching Game of Thrones, so no wonder, I’ll dare to go with its opening song as my May 2022 soundtrack. This is a rousing and unique masterpiece that makes you silently (or not) anticipate what you’re gonna see next every time it’s on. Since I’m not keen on skipping any intros, I’ve already heard this song a hundred times and will do a hundred more (I still have a few more seasons to watch), and I’m only happy to. 


I was introduced to this 1968 classic by Engelbert Humperdinck by the Marvel series Moon Knight. May is regarded as the mental health month and this song was in perfect harmony with the protagonist of the series, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, played by Oscar Isaac. The song alone is very appealing to me because of its simplicity. No sophisticated instruments and effects. Just pure music and emotion. In fact, I am trying to learn the song as it suits my vocal range perfectly (apparently, I am a tenor). 


In the May battle between dream pop and indie rock the latter prevailed, that’s why the last days of spring are spent with Pete and The Pirates playing in the background. Their cheerful Mr. Understanding was shazamed in my favorite bar, and since then has been on repeat non-stop. It’s simple, sticky, and makes your gait jumpy – all you need to keep yourself up till the better times. Between the lines, the song planted a cheesy thought in my mind: how rare and precious mutual understanding is!


These days, it’s not that easy for me to open my heart to new music, so I am staying with my version of “old but gold.” One day in May, as I was walking home in the (back then still dark) night, I was positively swept off my feet by Birdy’s Shine. Not less so because precisely when the song went “Shine, if your heart tells you to then who are you to question it,” I spotted a bright lonely star in the indigo sky. I absolutely love the message conveyed in the powerful lines of this lullaby-like composition, encouraging the listener to bring out their inner light no matter what. 


Here’s my recent weird YouTube discovery that never fails to cheer me up: I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness. It’s hard to believe this glam-rockish song with a video that looks like a fragment from some low budget sci-fi movie from the ‘80s was released in 2002, but here you go! I’m enjoying everything about this piece, not gonna lie.