Third Place 

The appearance of this pop-up outdoor space breathed new life into a historic mansion hidden right in the heart of St. Petersburg. What was once home to Russian nobles and even a railway museum at some point is now a one of a kind spot combining the aesthetics of an abandoned Italian-like mansion with wooden floors and a rugged beach. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes but also buzzing with various cafes, including seafood (for some extra seaside vibes), art exhibitions and performances, movie screenings, fairs, and parties. 

Where: Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station, Liteyny Pr. 62.


Another mansion was revived on one of the lines (or streets) of Vasilyevsky Island. Lines is a new contemporary public space with greenhouse-like facilities and a large glass atrium that floods the building with natural light. The former six-story mansion of Karl Sadler houses over 50 diverse residents: a food court with restaurants and bars, clothing and beauty shops, as well as coworking and lecture rooms. Apart from this, the building also serves as a space for multiple activities like concerts, art exhibitions, educational projects, charity events, and so on. Even one of the branches of the Mayakovsky Library can be found here. 

Where: Vasileostrovskaya metro station, 8th Liniya V.O., 25.

Third Cluster

Unlike Third Place, Third Cluster was transformed from an old carriage station into a trendy gastronomic hub for all big eaters and those who enjoy a nice chat over a cup of coffee or the like. The space specializes mainly in food offering its visitors a broad choice of options: coffee shops, street food, cocktail bars, and so on. There are fashion stores, art workshops, design and tattoo studios, too.

Where: Chernyshevskaya metro station, 8th Sovetskaya St. 4


Fligel is a creative cluster in the city’s downtown that brings together all lovers of art, nice things, and delicious food. Its courtyard and surrounding buildings are filled with facilities for all tastes: you can do some thrift shopping at Fligel Store, purchase handmade valenki at Snegi, grab a drink at Do Immigration or a coffee at Coffee Miru, and even have a good laugh at Stage Standup Club.

Where: Chernyshevskaya metro station, Vosstaniya St. 24


No matter day or night, Palma makes a great setting for fancy parties and creative gatherings. Having once belonged to a society of German craftsmen, the mansion returned to its roots almost a century later. Today, it’s a three-story building, with a unique atmosphere and decor, that houses various clothing stores, video and cinema production companies, and even a restaurant with a panoramic view of St. Isaac's Cathedral. Its theater hall, which once witnessed numerous waltzes, is now a place for parties, lectures, fashion shows, concerts, and even yoga classes.

Where: Sennaya metro station, Pereulok Pirogova 18.

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