John Lennon Street

For all those listening to rock religiously, here’s a real Mecca for any fans of the legendary Beatles in St. Petersburg. Found right in the heart of the Pushkinskaya-10 modern art center, John Lennon Street is a unique spot that can’t be found on the city’s maps. Inspired by Liverpool's Fab Four, it’s adorned with various paintings and decorations subduing the hearts of all-time fans: among which are four members’ sculptures, a temple of “love, peace, and music,” and the iconic yellow submarine. 

Location: Pushkinskaya St. 10

Mosaic Courtyard

While exploring the multiple sides of our beloved city, you may encounter a pathway to a tiled fantasy world. Here, everything is made of dazzling mosaics: walls, sculptures, benches, and even a playground. When the sun’s rays start to come through, the courtyard starts to glow, reaching its full glory. In stark contrast to the outside streets, this place – created by the artist Vladimir Lubenko and his students – adds some color to even the grayest days.

Location: Chaykovskogo St. 2/7

Octagon Yard

If you’re not new to St. Petersburg, you won’t be easily surprised by another well-courtyard, but what about an octagon yard? Famous among many locals, this spot is one of the most unusually-shaped yards hidden in the depths of the Petrogradsky District. As the legend has it, this place is historically intertwined with Emperor Paul I and the octagonal Maltese star, though in reality, it has more to do with efficient use of space. Right in the middle of it, you’ll see an iron tree that can bring you good luck – touch one of its leaves and make your wish.

Location: Malyy Prospekt P.S. 1, bldg. B

Garden of Saint-Germain

The Garden of Saint-Germain is a beautiful and somewhat overgrown garden away from the city’s noisy and busy streets. Although the gates are usually closed, you won’t have trouble getting in to explore the French-style garden with its exquisite views, romantic aura, and a delightful fountain. Dating back to 1905, this spot still remembers the poems of Anna Akhmatova and Joseph Brodsky, as well as visits of Victor Tsoy and many other representatives of the Leningrad art world.

Location: Liteyniy Prospekt 46

The courtyard of Anna Akhmatova Museum

If you’d like to knock off two landmarks in one day, check out the Anna Akhmatova Museum and its courtyard. Known as the Sheremetevsky Garden or the courtyard of the Fountain House (a former residence of the poetess), it’s a great spot to stop by when you’re exploring the city’s downtown. Heading in, you’ll find yourself in a sun-lit green courtyard with several paths leading to the museum, different installations, and monuments. And with luck, you’ll have the chance to take part in a wide range of festivals, open-air exhibitions, and other events organized by the museum.

Location: Liteyniy Prospekt 34

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