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  • IPChain Hackathon: How to Manage Intellectual Property from a Smartphone

    IT products and services are one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets. Sophisticated and effective solutions in the field of software development are as valuable and sought-after as ever. But authors of such solutions don’t often think about their rights to the intellectual property they created, and the issue of exercising these rights is almost never on the cards. In a bid to modernize the sphere of software development, the IPChain Association joined forces with ITMO University to host a hackathon for developing the best mobile app for mathematicians and programmers intended to bring about radical simplification of managing intellectual property rights on algorithms and elements of software code.


  • VK Hackathon 2018 Winners Make Donating Blood Easier

    ‘Working title’, a team made up of ITMO University and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University’s graduates, won Grand Prix at the 2018 VK Hackathon. They developed an application VK Donors, which was commissioned by DonorSearch. The app is aimed at increasing awareness about blood donation, encouraging people to donate blood and building communication between donors and blood donation centers. In the application, you can write about what exactly you want to donate (whole blood, plasma or other blood components) and in what city, read about the procedure and get some other useful information (for example, about blood donation centers in your city that need your donation most of all). In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the winners explained about how this app will help promote blood donation in Russia.


  • “Vzlet” Hackathon: Students to Help Mobile Providers Enter eSport Market

    The Vzlet hackathon is an annual all-Russian contest for students interested in such fields as marketing, PR, and digital communications. The recent event’s finalists got training by the country’s leading specialists and prepared cases for the Megafon company. The topic of 2018’s hackathon was “Marketing in eSport”; each of the 20 teams had to develop a concept for a platform which could be used by one of Russia’s major mobile providers to enter the eSport market. Read more about the hackathon’s three winning projects.


  • HEX Hackathon: 32 Hours to Make the World a Better Place

    More than 300 programmers from all over the world took part in last month's HEX Hackathon in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). HEX is coordinated by Major League Hacking (MLH), a student hackathon league. The participants of HEX Hackathon had only 32 hours to come up with the most creative solution in one of its ten tracks. Team Marvin from ITMO University chose the Future Society track and proposed an application that would help charity organisations to recruit volunteers and allow people to find charity work inside their communities. The team was awarded the second place by an expert jury that included experts from the Bloomberg company, the track’s coordinator.


  • HR Hackathon: Making Things Easier for Employers and Employees

    In early March, the St. Petersburg Labour Forum was host to the HR Hackathon. Over two days, participants developed projects for automated recruitment and job searching. 30 teams – made up of 87 participants – took part. IT specialists came from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tula, Samara, Chelyabinsk and Kazan. Three teams from ITMO University also participated.


  • BioHack-2018: 48 Hours to Make a Difference

    The 48-hour hackathon BioHack-2018 has taken place in St. Petersburg. Teams of biologists and programmers from all around Russia worked on bioinformatics cases. The event brought together both university students and young scientists. Software and IT developer EPAM and the Institute of Bioinformatics sponsored the project.


  • HACKATHON 2025: Innovations for Cities of the Future

    In May of 2017, Russia nominated Yekaterinburg as the site for Expo 2025. In preparation for the event, the city will construct the futuristic Smart City, which will continue to function after the expo ends. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for people all over the world using innovative solutions. To implement the most daring and cutting-edge ideas, as well as to attract talented developers and creatives to Yekaterinburg’s city of the future, the application committee organized the HACKATHON 2025. ITMO University was one of the three venues that hosted the event. ITMO.NEWS presents the hackathon’s winners.


  • ITMO and Partners Hold Open Data Hackathon

    Last weekend in St. Petersburg, ITMO University, the Open Government Initiative, and the European University’s Institute for the Rule of Law organized a hackathon on open data. The event was organized as part of the “Open Data in the Russian Federation” contest. Over two days, the teams worked with open data from state sources so as to figure out the most effective way to use that information to solve complex analytic issues and to compete for the main prize of 100,000 rubles. 


  • ITMO Programmers’ Death Star Project Wins Hackathon Prize

    The Galactic Empire is crippled by the loss of the Death Star and needs to restore its military strength as soon as possible! Could that be done in 32 hours? Easily; just gather enough programmers and mathematicians for a Star Wars-inspired hackathon at the “Boiling Point” co-working space. Students from various universities of St. Petersburg had 32 hours to solve algorithmic problems to ensure the operation of an Imperial factory despite a deficit of resources and funds. ITMO University’s team Traffox, made up of Master’s students from the Computer Technologies Department, proposed one of the best solutions to the problem and was included in the Empire’s list of top developers.


  • Best IoT Projects from Autodesk Hackathon at ITMO

    On November 24 to 26, ITMO University’s Convergent Innovations Center hosted the three-day 3D hackathon organized by ITMO and Autodesk for the second time. Participants were tasked with creating projects using the cloud-based software Autodesk Forge, which lets users integrate interactive 3D models into web apps to solve practical problems.