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  • ITMO Graduate and Owner of Chili Marketing Agency Konstantin Khomchenko: Do What You Love and Love What You Do

    The owner of the Chili Marketing agency, ITMO University graduate Konstantin Khomchenko has made his way from a manager to an owner of his own business. Konstantin doesn’t forget about his alma mater either, being a coach at ITMO University’s Accelerator. ITMO.NEWS talked to Konstantin Khomchenko to find out what obstacles are standing in the way of those wanting to launch their own business, and what to avoid when working on your own project.


  • Making the Workspace Safer With VR

    Last week at the Tochka Kipenia event space was marked by the Majorov International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Systems, a part of ITMO University’s 120th anniversary celebrations. The topics of the conference included software engineering development, computer systems and cyber-physical systems. One of the key presentations on the first day of the conference was given by Dmitry Kirillov, the president of VR solution company Modum Lab. He described the potential application of VR to educate children and adults alike. Read on for the highlights of his talk. 


  • University College Dublin’s Professor Da-Wen Sun: Soon Enough, Your Phone Will Know More About Your Food Than You Do

    One of the world’s foremost experts on food- and biotechnologies, Professor Da-Wen Sun visited ITMO University to deliver a series of lectures on the latest achievements in food preservation and quality control. Professor Sun heads the Food Refrigeration & Computerized Food Technology center at University College Dublin and is the head of International Academy of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Da-Wen Sun visited the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems as part of the ITMO Fellowship program. A writer for ITMO.NEWS met the scientist to learn what’s wrong with the way we freeze vegetables and how computer vision helps fast food businesses save money.


  • Slovenian Researcher Luka Stopar: “Data Analysis and Visualization is Art and Science Combined”

    Luka Stopar, a researcher at Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), has recently delivered a lecture at ITMO University. He is currently working on several grand European projects, including RENOIR, which aims to create new mechanisms of social data analysis. During his lecture, Luka Stopar described the different ways in which machine learning and intelligent data analysis may be used in the visualization of diverse data sources. In this interview, Dr. Stopar told ITMO.NEWS how the development of data analysis and visualization is changing the media and why journalists are not losing their jobs to computers anytime soon. 


  • Urban Development Expert On Making Cities More Comfortable to Live In

    What has changed in urban planning over the last 100 years? What future lies ahead of industrial centers? And what do small Northern cities in Norway and Russia share in common? These and other questions were discussed during an open lecture by Norwegian specialist in the field of urban planning and technologies Gunnar Olav Furu. He is the head of a private consulting agency and has implemented a range of urban development projects in his home city of Sunndal. The lecture and an interactive workshop took place at ITMO University’s Institute of Design and Urban Studies with the support of the Consulate of Norway.


  • Ex-Chairman of European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism Michael Kramer on Developing Cycling Tourism

    Michael Kramer is an experienced bike traveler, member of the European Parliament (2004-2019) and the European Green Party, the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism (2014-2017), as well as the initiator of the EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail project, a cycle route of over ten thousand kilometers stretching from the Barents to the Black Sea. He has recently participated in the BizCycle international project held in Vyborg with ITMO University as its leading partner. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the expert shares about the experience of European countries in developing cycling routes and why it is beneficial for the economy.


  • Chief Editor of Nature Photonics Oliver Graydon on Russian Science, Researcher’s Path and Ways to Start Publishing in World’s Leading Journals

    For over ten years now, Oliver Graydon has been working as the Chief Editor of Nature Photonics, the most prestigious international journal specializing in original research in the field of optics and photonics. The expert has recently visited ITMO University, where he attended the laboratories of the International Research Center of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, learned more about the work done by the university’s young scientists, and participated in a tour of the Museum of Optics. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Oliver Graydon talked about how Russian science has been changing in the recent years and what surprised him most in St. Petersburg, and also gave advice to young researchers wishing to start publishing in major science journals. 


  • Technology and Policy Student Julia Milton: Science is a Very Good Instrument for Stabilizing the State of International Politics

    Julia Milton is a student of MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics where she works in a lab that develops wearable devices for astronauts as well as exoskeletons, and space suits. Julia was a participant of this year’s Stanford US-Russia Forum: together with Daria Denisova, the deputy head of ITMO’s Science Communication and Outreach Office, the team developed a report and an art project dedicated to the US-Russian space cooperation. Inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope, the massive art piece will consist of numerous hexagonal shapes depicting the milestone events of the two countries’ shared history of space exploration. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, she spoke about their project, the popularization of space in Russia and the USA, and the importance of social initiative.


  • “Expert” Analytical Center Subject Rankings: ITMO University Becomes 2019 Leader in Computer Science, Engineering and Chemistry

    Today, the new subject rankings for scientific productivity by the “Expert” analytical center have been published. ITMO University retained its leadership position in the field of Computer Science (including the Artificial Intelligence subject area), and also took the lead in chemistry, chemical technologies and management among Russian universities. The rankings focus on research work at universities and the quality of publications.


  • DigiRockStars Venture Fund Rep Steven Balliano: Don’t Go The Traditional Way

    It often happens that an idea you’ve been developing for a long time just can’t start off as a successful, profitable business. In a workshop held as part of the Startup Connect program, Steven Balliano, a specialist from the Finnish venture fund DigiRockStars, revealed the secrets of how to test your startup idea before the big launch and avoid the common mistakes the majority of startup founders make.