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  • ITMO Scientists Develop Tool to Boost Vaccine Effectiveness

    Researchers from ITMO University have developed a method for detection and analysis of alterations in bacterial genomes. It will allow researchers to detect new mechanisms of adaptation of bacteria to various environments, including those that increase virulence and resistance to antibiotics. In the future, this method may be used to obtain new data that will help create vaccines with higher efficacy.


  • First Article on Safety of CoviVac Vaccine Published

    In late August, the first international article on the CoviVac vaccine was published in the peer-reviewed journal Emerging Microbes & Infections. Scientists from the Chumakov Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immune-and-Biological Products of the Russian Academy of Sciences have presented data on preclinical studies of immunogenicity, safety, and efficacy of the vaccine in animals. The study was conducted over the course of more than a year. ITMO.NEWS asked Oksana Stanevich, an infectionist at the Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University and a student at ITMO’s Public Health Sciences Master’s program, to discuss its results.


  • Understanding Vaccines: Types, Tests, and Choosing the Right One

    COVID-19 vaccination is currently one of the most discussed topics in the world with people closely tracking the number of fully vaccinated citizens in every country. The vaccination campaign undoubtedly has its results: death and hospitalization rates are on the decline, allowing governments to gradually lift pandemic-related restrictions. However, vaccination is still plagued with quite a lot of myths and rumours that result in scepticism towards all vaccines, including those against COVID-19. In this article, ITMO.NEWS and Anton Gopka, dean of the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations and general partner of the ATEM Capital biotechnology investment foundation, delve into the process of developing a vaccine and explain how researchers managed to produce the vaccines against the new virus so quickly. 


  • SEWAN 2021 International Conference: How Pandemic Affects Energy Industry and Vaccine Storage Management

    ITMO University has held the third International Scientific Conference on Sustainable and Efficient Use of Energy, Water and Natural Resources SEWAN 2021, where the university acted as the organizer together with Tomsk Polytechnic University. At the conference, researchers discussed when the global fuel and power complex will return to pre-COVID metrics, how to maintain the temperature conditions for vaccine storage, and how to make houses more efficient.  


  • How the Pandemic Is Causing a Technological Revolution in Medicine and Biotechnologies

    During a recent popular science lecture, Anton Gopka, dean of ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations and venture investor, discussed the drastic change in the field of life sciences in 2020, whereas Ekaterina Skorb, head of the Infochemistry Scientific Center, and Elena Koshel, an associate professor at ITMO University’s SCAMT Lab, talked about the promising solutions developed at ITMO to fight the pandemic. ITMO.NEWS summarized their presentations.


  • Medical Discoveries That Changed the World

    How did discoveries that were made in the 20th century influence what we know about diseases? How can the discovery of DNA structure help us fight COVID-19? Olga Shestova, a physiologist, PhD, and author of the 30 Nobel Prizes: Discoveries That Changed Medicine book, gave an open lecture about the key scientific breakthroughs that had a huge impact on humankind. We summarized it for you.


  • Flu Vaccine and Lung Cancer Medication Developed by ITMO Technopark’s Resident Awarded Gold Medals at the iENA 2019 Exhibition in Germany

    The company ATG Service Gene, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, was awarded two gold medals at the international exhibition of ideas, inventions and innovations iENA 2019 that recently concluded in the German city of Nuremberg. Recognized were two inventions by the St. Petersburg scientists – an innovative flu vaccine and a medication that can help in combating lung cancer. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the company’s Director for Science Ilya Dukhovlinov to find out more about the award-winning drugs.


  • Vaccines: Everything You Need to Know

    Recent years have seen an uptick in discussions concerning vaccines, their efficiency, and their safety. What are their side effects? Are there legitimate reasons to refuse them? How and why did the anti-vax movement form? The pediatrician Nikolai Komov, a proponent of evidence-based medicine and expert for Babyblog, answered these and other questions during the lecture “Vaccines: Conspiracy or Vision?” at the Mayakovsky Library.