Create, act, discover

Dare with ITMO is the slogan of the university’s 2022 admissions campaign. Here, you can be an accomplished physicist and a successful stand-up comedian all at once. Study design, IT, and humanities while brushing up on your physics and chemistry. Play sports, perform with a band, and study – and in the meantime, work on your first project.

“We tried to channel the university’s unconventional approach to learning and its focus on holistic personal development for students. Instead of rigid rules, we offer full freedom of self-expression and growth,” says Alyona Gupaisova, the head of ITMO’s Marketing Department.

Easier to choose

This year, ITMO is launching an updated admissions website with a new design and improved features. Now, each educational program has its own landing page with comprehensive information on its entrance exams and entry requirements. An English-language version of the website is in development and will become available soon.

Applicants can find out in advance what they’ll study and do in the program, which extra opportunities they’ll enjoy, and what kind of career they’ll be able to pursue in the future. All this allows them to personalize their learning tracks even before starting their studies.

All educational programs on the website are now sorted by their subject areas, not the structural units (faculties, schools, or institutes) they belong to. This way, applicants will have an easier time finding what program suits them best. For the same reasons, each program will now feature a list of similar programs. Finally, the new interface includes a recommendation system: based on the user’s Unified State Exam (USE) scores and the number of applications to each program, the algorithm will suggest programs you’re most likely to be enrolled in.

In the summer, a pilot test will begin on the ITMO.Track recommendation system, which picks programs based on keywords and the applicant’s interests.

Photo by ITMO University

Photo by ITMO University

Admissions 2022 in numbers

Applicants to Bachelor’s programs can now choose from 34 programs in 6 subject areas: physics, IT, economics and innovation, engineering, life sciences, and multidisciplinary research. Those interested in Master’s degree programs enjoy an even wider selection: 90 programs in 13 subject areas (programming, artificial intelligence, biology, information security, engineering sciences, humanities, ecology, biotechnologies, chemistry, robotics, power industry, physics, and economics and innovation). Prospective PhD students can choose from among 53 specializations in natural, technical, agricultural, and social sciences, as well as the humanities.

This year, ITMO University offers 2,865 tuition-free positions to prospective Master’s students – the largest such number in the country. The number of tuition-free positions in Bachelor’s and PhD programs amounts to 1,320 and 309, respectively.

Students can study on a paid basis, too. Accurate information on the cost of study at each program and the number of available positions can already be found on the admissions website.

Photo by ITMO University

Photo by ITMO University

How (and when) to apply

Applications can already be submitted online using the admissions website (English-language version here) or via the Gosuslugi portal. Documents can also be submitted in person starting on June 20. It should be noted that this year, applicants are once again required to present original copies of their documents before enrollment, not after.

Applications to Bachelor’s-level tuition-free positions close on July 25 for those applying based on USE scores or entrance competition results, and on July 11 for those taking entrance exams at the university. Applications for fee-based enrollment in Bachelor’s programs can be submitted until August 20.

Applications for Master’s programs can be submitted before August 8, 2022 (for tuition-free positions) and August 25, 2022 (for fee-based positions). For PhD programs, the application deadline is the same for all categories of applicants – August 10.

Just like last year, only full-time programs will be offered by the university.

International applicants can learn more about the process on ITMO University’s international admissions website. They can also make use of additional enrollment opportunities (read more about them here):

  • Government scholarships: foreign citizens have the right to enroll in ITMO University’s Master’s programs tuition-free as part of a Russian Government scholarship.
  • Open Doors entrance competition: the international competition Open Doors gives prospective international Master’s students a unique opportunity of early enrollment in one of ITMO’s Master’s programs without entrance examinations and with tuition fees covered by state funding.
  • Portfolio Contest: applicants with a grade average of 4.3 and above who can demonstrate special scientific achievements can enroll in Master’s programs without taking entrance exams. Application period: March 1 till June 7.

Applicants to certain programs can also apply with their own projects – such conditions are available to, for instance, the applicants of the Art & Science and Digital Humanities programs.

Staying informed

To receive updates on open-door days and exam dates, watch the admissions website and follow ITMO on VK and Telegram.